Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking Inventory !

Did a Heavy shirt session at Nancy's was great to workout and visit with Bruce and Nancy !

My shoulder was flaring up altho I want to keep close to my 600 pound bench goal, I opted to do extensive warm ups and shirted partials in a pretty much worn out training shirt...

Warm ups with bar for 30 or so reps --135 for 12-15--
225 for 8
285 X 4
308 X3
330 for a single
and 350
for 2 singles!--

Into the high mileage Katana--with a 440 partial (2 board)
485 (2 board height)
510 and 550 were the next partials...

Then as we call em--we put on the training wheels !
( green reverse bands and pins to hole# 7--which would be a safe partial, in case the huge load got away from me)

Then those partials were performed with 573 and 600 pounds--
I hit the 600 for 2 singles--both times, the bar speed--and lock outs were not satisfactory to me.

The inventory I talk about taking, is knowing deep down, if a meet were held next week..I wouldn't be ready...I've not done enough complete shirted reps...and haven't used my 'meet' shirt to know where I really am...and mentioned 2 weeks ago...the next workout MUST include full reps...and use of the shirt that has now become my 'opener' shirt--less Fantasy land training and more REAL form+ strength full bench press movements....

Maybe the heavy lockouts can be on my heavy days away from the shirt...2 weeks to turn over a new leaf --and knock off some body fat so I can actually get back into the 'too fat to be alive' class...'belly up to the bar' not supposed to mean bench press form,

Nancy had a good workout --hitting reps RAW with poundages she couldn't get with a shirt a year back or so...and her work with the reverse bands was impressive too !

I joined with her and Bruce to do reverse band full reps...which could've had the ol' mass building effect (and in my case--a little shoulder rehab too) After Bruce did 43 reps in reverse bands with 242 pounds as a warm down...we all deserved lunch at the Edge Cafe....I think we really like the social aspect of our heavy shirt day as much as we NEED the training...Saturdays can be a bit flat without the gang get together !


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob; Thanks for the comments on my blog. I've seen some very positive gains in strength with the addition of strongman type training, but we'll have to wait and see how it transfers over. The saying "jack of all trades master of none" may apply here. I found your thoughts on not being meet ready in your off time interesting. I use the time between meets to heal up and bring up weaknesses that I had at the last meet and would not test any weight above an opener at this time. Then as a meet gets near I do a mental shift and do what is necessary to get ready. This said I believe that you have made better progress than I have in the last couple of years. So now I have something to think about. Mainly am I doing everything possible to succeed. hmmm Anyway sorry about the ramble. By the looks of your training you are allot more meet ready than I am

4:39 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Tony ! Your 'rambles' are always great--and you certainly always make sense ! and impart wonderful wisdom.

It is best that you are an all around strong lifter...I have made progress in Bench Only by training with the shirt a lot--doing partials/singles ala the giants of the past...and gaining bodyweight..whereas you work very hard and keep your weight I truly think you have great and Bonafide results...and mine are tunnel vision...the reason I panic a bit lately is, the weights seem very heavy may be the worn out shirt...or the impetus lost during the storm month..but IF I chose to do Pasco wa. (mar 14)I wouldn't be tuned up for a 600 pound success and that's what I look to as my goal--funny--seems i skipped 584 595 and the stops along the way...maybe I should give those numbers their due..anyway...I think next 2 weeks will give me a clue for my physical and mental readiness too ! thanks for your great comments--

and I urge readers here to click on the link to the side and read Tony's blog and watch HIS team do huge strong man type sessions on the vids he provides !!

11:28 AM  

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