Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's all in the way you stack it !

The other day I found on "Tan Slacks" blog (Ditillo 2 CLICK HERE ) some pictures of a "Barbell" like object...that was used by early weight trainers ...

That's exactly what I started lifting on when I was 13 !!Old train wheels I thought, found em near the back of my early home in Grass Valley California...lifted em til I got strong --then--my parents thought it was safe to buy me a REAL Barbell !!

We all have our beginnings and some of these old wheels and-- sticks with cement stuck in cans ---worked fairly well !

At least it was some resistance...anyway this old time picture made me wonder what if, just for a change...I'd stack the plates in the gym ...the old way...instead of 4 -45s a side or so...why not like the old days? with 2-45's 2 -35's 4-25's -2-10's 4-5's and 2-2.5's
or so...The Old graduated pyramid style...

So, after my speed set of 225 X4 for 5 sets and 275X4 for 3 sets...I did
3X315--then 2X 325 and singles with 335 -345 -355- 360--

The ends were very long....I looked at the weight as configured...and thought...when I was a kid (13--15) I would think NO ONE would be able to bench that...of course I was wrong...but it sure is fun to surprise yourself...and lift with ease, when you're a geezer what you aspired to as a 'tyke' !

Fun, this progress, when ya never give up !


Blogger Island Strength said...

Congradulations on the Top 50 Big Man!

(Island Strength)

4:36 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Mr Strength !! :)
Your training log is cool--best of luck in your training and competing in your USPF meets in California !!

26 miles across the sea ..Santa Catalina is the place for me...***

MY brain sings that song every time i visit your blog

*** The Four Preps--- Capitol records mid-fifties...BIG HIT !

10:35 AM  

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