Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to some Heavy stuff !

Today I worked out with Nancy and Bruce and it was great to see them again...3 weeks seemed like forever ...and the side street snow isn't all gone so that parking can be easily handled...but Bruce's car and mine weathered the sleet to drive to Nancy's gym..found parking near --or IN--soot covered banks of un melted snow/ice.

I warmed up with way more empty bar today...what ? 30--50 reps...then 12 or so @ 135
then 4 @ 225--then 2 with 280 --1X 308--1X 330 and 1X350 --I found that the set up is really the important thing for me to project bar speed...if I balance high on my traps I get way more speed on my 330 and 350 singles...

Put on what is now a ridiculously loose Katana...did 440 -485 then 550--
then went to reverse bands (green, less oomph on purpose. remember?) then singles with 573 --600 and 600--

That was it for the heavy shirted stuff...then when Bruce and Nancy did reverse band sets...I joined in to get 8 or so sets of varied reps with no shirt and weight ranging to 420 with our weak bands...all in all it was a good workout...

If I do the WABDL Pasco meet in March --my next few heavy workouts should find me doing full reps with target poundages (openers and the big unfinished, official 600) in my "B" shirt... and breaking in a new Titan SUPER Katana !

I say IF, due to Pasco being a difficult trip...
(impossible right at this minute with Snoqualmie pass closed, or scary --avalance -road erosion-etc. )
I need to hitch with someone or afford a plane ticket...and those are expensive due to it being one of those small market/ supply/ demand thinguses my brain pan will be volleying ideas on this trip ...because entry deadline is February 25th...Hey, first place awards for this meet are SWORDS ! usually to get a sword you have to win best lifter...and that can be a little difficult with the high quality lifters in WABDL ... and there are NEW 4 inch Medals to be introduced this year !

Note to Vancouver PLUSA readers...there were 4 copies left of Powerlifting USA magazine at Mayfair News on Broadway just past Granville in Vancouver...pick one up before the next issue comes in...the current issue had Tee Meyers Deadlifting on the cover !


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