Sunday, January 18, 2009

I coulda been a contender --I coulda been a somebody !

When people start out trying to mimic Marlon Brando ...they start with that quote...but I'm not griping I'm not bemoaning a chance at recognition like Marlon's character was.
I'm headlining the fact that I made (without even trying--or knowing about it) the Powerlifting Watch dot com top 50
in the bench press...the initial stats had me 37th in the 308's all ages --and 40th in the Supers, YOUNG people mixed with geezers...this was in the 'single ply' stats...well, I actually did 573 IN SINGLE PLY which woulda made me 7th out of all the contest results in 2008--but WABDL my main home fed --is 'counted' as a multi ply I'll be happy to be old mister 37 (as of yesterdays count) and wait til the poll WABDL is taking POSSIBLY throw out double ply anythings ! to help our federations visibility in the Bench Press in polls like these, next year !

Vancouver readers --The newest Powerlifting USA is in at Mayfair has Laura Phelps on the cover and great stuff inside...last time I mentioned it...quite a few issues flew off the stands ...thanks for helping our sports 'bible'

Today's workout....I went to that idea that stacking the bar the 'old fashioned way' (see previous entry) would be fun on heavy know, pin press
I did 135 X10
275 X4
355-365-375-385-385 for singles
390 for 4 singles--

the very last one flew up like I had 225 on the bar...oddly the first 390 felt HEAVY...mister 'late warmer upper' I guess !
The OLD STYLE bar configuration almost looks bigger than 3 -45's a side +35+2.5 does loaded....
Why do it? break up the same monotonous loads every it reminds me of when I first started lifting...that's the way the weight looked !!!!

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Blogger Tony said...

Great stuff Rob I've really enjoyed your posts lately and congrats on your rankings.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony !!

I appreciate the comment !
I was surprised to see that ranking--I went to see how OTHERS did..and there I was !

That of course is based on USA our little trips to 'token' in USAPL meets turned out well after all!

Best of Luck in the CPO Nationals !! SOON !

10:03 AM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

congrats robo

4:50 PM  

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