Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Cover, February 2009 PLUSA !!!

Today I did a light Bench Workout at Target Fitness on Broadway in Vancouver...just 8 sets of very fast reps (4 per set) with loads from 225 to 345 and the bar was very fast ..good energy for this, the last workout before The Pasco meet !--Light--with emphasis on form, and getting a bigger arch.

On Saturday, Weather willing I lift in the WABDL Iron Gladiators World Record Breakers...Man...that is a LONG way from Hawaii (where the "Record Breakers" originated)

I want to show viewers the cover of the Latest Powerlifting USA..it is the one that reports the WABDL Worlds from November...I was astonished at how well our individuals on the Canadian team did...reading through I found mentions of a 557 Deadlift from Jon Wolbers of BC --Warren Orr was listed in 2 categories he benched 451.7
other names
Fisher -584- DL
Stirling 369
Lamonica 436
Foreman 424
Bobrovitz 298 WR Bench masters 54-60 age 132 bodyweight
Olofinbo 342 DL @ 148 teen
were in the results of 545 lifters from 9 countries.

Also in the issue the IPF Worlds and some pretty fine articles !

Hope I have great stuff to report after this weekend's meet !
I feel strong ...
and enthused...
but, on edge about the drive to 'Fiasco Worshingtun'
(Pasco Wa.)


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