Saturday, March 07, 2009

World Record Breakers 7 days out !

The New Super Katana Shirt from Titan---OK this is us putting it BACK on because we forgot to take a picture--so the shirt is lopsided and not set for use....but in the break in session we hit nice bar speed with 595 and no EXTRA torquing.

It may or may not see use yet in Pasco next week...

The New issue of POWERLIFTING USA is out (and in Vancouver, at Mayfair Magazines) the issue is mainly the WABDL Worlds report--I was happy to see my mention-
( small mention --500+ lifters to write about)
-as best heavyweight in the 61-67 age group...and how, out of 16 teams --Canada was 12th in the standings--and we didn't even have a FULL team---so it is a joy to read about the team, and the event --and the highlights of the lifting on the days I couldn't be there.

Today--Heavy work in the shirt(s)

warmed up from 225 to 350 without the shirt as is usual...very fast speed on the bar today--stuff flew...

Then into my current competition shirt--440--shirt loosener rep--
507 fast single--
529 single-- like a rocket !

Then we put on the Super Katana--initially the arms are so close that only a close grip rep could be done--so we broke in the shirt with a rep only 2 inches in range--that spread the arms enough to "get a grip"
then to 550
then 595 --the shirt let the weights close to the chest and popped the weights right back it's a tough shirt with lots of stored power...but I'm not absolutely sure I'll use it next week...

So--my attempts might be 523 opener--
then 573+ the record breaking chips for a 2nd attempt (And World Record)
and a 'do over' or 584 to 600 for a 3rd (and if earned a 4th attempt to break record)

My Horoscope sez so....

The rest of the work out was me following Nancy and Bruce through their workouts and during reverse bands benches-- I just followed their weights but WITHOUT using the bands--so it was fast reps with weights from 225 thru 350 as almost warming up twice raw...but with more ease and more speed on the bar the 2nd time around--Both Nancy and Bruce had Personal records in shirtless work today !

a Perfect workout for a week out !


Blogger Tony said...

Looks like your training has gone well. Good luck next weekend. I'll be cheering for you.

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