Sunday, March 01, 2009

Was I sposed to go Heavy today??

Today I went up to Target to do the 'Shirtless Pin Press set up' you've come to know, and be bored by...but as I warmed up, my upper pecs felt strained...ouch ...very tender..hmm... I worked moderately hard on Thursday...maybe I should let my body do only what feels comfortable? I warmed up with
-- 225 for 12--
2 sets of 3
--365 for 2
--then 385 for a single...
felt heavy...wha !!??....and there was that 'sore' feeling so I did one more 385...
it too wasn't so 'light' either so I tried one more single --
and POW the 385 went up fast ...more of the 'slow warmer upper syndrome' here...
and my final single 385 again POW another easy one...maybe in Pasco...I should do 2 classes...warm up (lifting) in one...and lift (compete) in the other too...yeah, well some lifter's have...
and WABDL could always use the extra entry money....
click on toon for a larger version

This was a cartoon I did in 97....based on getting too damn fat as a lifter/bencher...and connecting the dots of your 'stretch marks' to save money on your tattoo ( not MY tattoo) --somehow, I wonder if Bench Phenom of the time Jamie Harris, ever saw this....oh wait, I'm still alive so I guess he hasn't.


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