Friday, February 27, 2009

OH MAN !!!!! Not GUS !!!!!!

I got off the phone last nite shocked and dazed --was I the only one that didn't know about Gus Rethwisch's triple by pass ?? This guy who basically lives for Powerlifting ! actually finished his write up of the WABDL Worlds in Las Vegas..before he went into the hospital for his operation...he had a leg infection which he is past..and has been resting for 3 weeks...his doctors say.."DO NOTHING"

BUT Gus wont let his lifters down so he is driving the weight set, benches. platform and Pasco Washington...from Snow covered Minnesota Gus and Bench Bozo

....This year there is competition from other meets THIS weekend there is an APA Meet in the tri-cities...the week before his meet there is a USAPL meet in Tumwater...Gus arranged to get me a ride to Pasco from Everett with Joe Mickelson, WABDL'S Washington State Chairman... Joe Mickelson benches in WABDL
So, I am entering the meet March 14th --hopefully I can break from my partials by then...

Yesterday--I did a 'placeholder' workout at Target Fitness on Broadway in Vancouver..nothing special just some raw Benches with lots of speed on the bar--also I worked on my form....
135X12 --225 X4 2 sets--275 X4 --295X4 speed on the bar--315 X2 --then singles with 345 345 355 355 360 360 --these were very easy --and more like following an arc on the way to the chest and then just shoving the weight up and BACK into the rack....felt OK... and told my body I wasn't on vacation...

now what about the 20 pounds I have to knock off before the 13th???....
YIKES-- have I called Jenny Yet ??

In Vancouver, the Powerlifting USA Magazine with Full coverage of the WABDL Worlds is not on the stands yet...but 2 weeks should get it here. The coverage is huge with 60 color photos from Vegas !

Prayers for GUS OK????


Blogger zaitsoff said...

sorry about gus

5:07 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

thanks for your comment "B"
the name Robin Williams calls you---

I think he'll be OK--he sounded pretty good on the phone...but he has LOST 50 pounds thru this ordeal so far...if everyone knew what this guy goes through to give his lifters the best meets...they'd appreciate how he pretty much has dedicated his LIFE to iron...and mainly for US--I guarantee you he is not RICH over WABDL

I'm keeping good thoughts for his future and ONLY good thoughts !

5:50 PM  

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