Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heavy shirt to 600X 2 partials

Used the shirt and hit a nice 600, at what might be a 2 board level ...felt pretty strong is the best of the singles with 600 pounds---

The test will be to get a real lift I did a pretty nice 'gym' rep with 550 but it felt like it was going to get away from me at the chest to practice a full meet style workout soon, will be important to seeing me succeed in my first meet this year...

the workout was as follows, warm up 135 X20 225X 8X2 308+330+330+350
then the Katana was put on--with a 440 'shirt loosening rep' 507 for a touch n' go--550 for a touch n' go---

then 573 in the safety racks THEN 600 in the safety racks for 2 partial singles...the video shows the best single about 3 inches from touching and going back up...

I did a lot of reverse band reps with Bruce and Nancy and really felt that work I attempted to fire the weight up ballistically !!--all in all a terrific workout.
Now, today's celebrity guest !!

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Blogger Ruthita said...

Way to go, Big Bozo!!!

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