Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back with 580 in the rack !

Last heavy workout at Nancy's gym--I did some 'real bench presses' ala OPENERS...then did a partial 574 and missed a 580 at the top--this week--I made it !!

580 with the pins at '7' --in 2 weeks I'll do this with 600 !
and in weeks following that--I'll put the safety bars at '6' and touch my chest as I get closer to the meet. (this is OUR version of 'boards' due to lack of spotters/partners )

Tony Tomra was right when he commented last time that the weight touching one side then the other...a millisecond late..might've caused last sessions failure at the top...

This was a fun lift to do--the bellowing at the top of the success at 580 is a "gruntulated' I GOT IT !!


which is what it sounds like...

The workout was numerous raw warm ups to 350 with attention on form--I'm trying to watch the bar...and put my head back to the bench at the press command...this is an infraction in many feds--but in WABDL it might help me touch the chest quicker...and then if I switch back to a USAPL meet I can go back to NOT lifting my head...I seem to use different muscles with this lifting the head maneuver...anyway it was just an experiment to see if this might help me get a quicker 'press' command.

The shirted work was a 507 legit bench --
then we put the 'pins' in at 7 and did 550 easily then the 580 went pretty well (as in video)

I did reverse band work with Bruce and Nancy and we all did lots of very good sets--keeping an eye on form and speed on the reps...
a good workout !


Blogger Hopalong EAC said...

580 ounces! I could probably spot you on that. No, on second thought, better ask Nancy.

Back to the Jane Fonda weighted balls.

I have two sets.

The red ones are three pounds and the purple ones are five--just right for bench pressing.

5:40 PM  

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