Sunday, April 05, 2009

First Things First...

The New issue of Powerlifting USA is on the stands, that is the issue marked March 2009 is in town at Mayfair Mags on Broadway in Vancouver...The issue is a good one as always...and since I nudged the store to bring in 12 copies a month...I always try to alert Vancouver lifters when the new one's here...get it !

Tom Manno terrific bench presser is in town for a fitness friend Jody Cranston tipped me off about it...
Tom hit 700 at a masters age group lifter (50?) here he warms up for a WABDL meet
with the Great Mike Womack ( 942 world record bench) at left--
Jim Presley (high 600 bencher) "Mr. Arms" center
--And Seattle Super Coach Joe Head spotting at end.
I took this picture at a Worlds a few years back.

Tom was showing his line of supplements in Vancouver this weekend...I'm sorry I didn't make it down ...ya know...Jody (powershape blog link is at side here at my site)
might have some details on it all--give Jody's blog a click for more.

The CPU held their Nationals this weekend --some good lifting happened !


the GPC Affiliate Independent Powerlifting Canada held THEIR Nationals too !!
no results for them yet--but their affiliate GPC is a hell of an organization !

Then May 30th it's the CPO (WPC affiliate) Nationals
Your Pal --Tony Tomra is working out hard for that one !!
He's doing strongman and lots of Cardio in his training check out his blog and videos at Tony's power blog linked here on the side bar >>>

Did I work out? this week? yeah, but that's boring--Friday I did speed bench @ Target Fitness 8 sets of ballistic movements in the bench 4 reps each for --weights of 225 255 275 295 and 305 --no bands--
told ya it was boring...

Today I did my Pin presses
chest height level
315X6 365X2 385 390 395--
ONE post higher
405X3 425 455 465

that was it---next week --HEAVY shirt work in prep for my next meet the WABDL Nationals
in Portland June 13th !


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