Saturday, May 02, 2009

Katana to 584 --Top end 'miss' with 595

Back after 3 weeks without the shirt...warmed up with no shirt 225 X8 308X5 330 X2 350 X1

Now, we put the Katana shirt on, no torque...440 to get used to the feeling of getting crushed..then a full lift with 495 light, with good form..then a GOOD 518 with a slow down half way up and a bombastic finish..shirt is worn out...yay I finally get to do some of the work !

Next the Partials, singles, pins to 7 holes
(our imitation board presses)
551 good lift BUT initially very heavy feeling especially on the wrists...

then to 584 --it went to the top but I wanted to lock it more..and then Bruce helped me put it back in the rack (over the posts)

...then to 595... it went up.. but stalled badly...I wanted to push it out so I auditioned my best on the TV show " America's Got GRUNT !"

Here's the 585 and 595 on a short video clip one after another..
....John Lee Hooker in the background..

Gadzooks ! the Big Portland meet is June 13th --or to really put the time frame in perspective, May 44th !!--it's May 2nd now...

I'm going to work MORE on lockouts, and more practice touching the bar in control...and Break in my new Super Katana The WABDL Nationals are 2nd only to the Worlds this's to get my mojo workin !


Blogger zaitsoff said...

sounds intense,but i know you can do question??? when you were grunting what were you saying. i can speak russian an english but have no clue how to translate grunt

3:45 AM  

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