Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thursday workout on Target !

After I write this, I may go up and do another workout, but my 'heavy' workout was Thursday this week, due to being busy with auditions and 2 jobs voicing (yay $$)

...Saturday to Thursday was a bit long to wait ...but I did the Raw Rack pin press Target Fitness on Broadway

Bar at chest, up from no pre stretch to lockout-
225 X10 315X8 365 365 then 385 385 390 395 and 400

Now raise pins one hole so the bar only travels 8 inches to top.
405X5 425X3 455 465 475 475 475--felt good,that was it for the day !

The NEW Powerlifting USA Magazine with Matt Kroczaleski on the cover is in at Mayfair magazines just past Granville (west) on Broadway, in Vancouver.
They have 6 copies grab one ! it's Powerlifting's bible ...and in Canada it costs $100.00 a year to subscribe to...hence the news stand alert.

The big CPO Nationals are just days away--some huge numbers will happen in Toronto on May 3oth--I'm hoping Tony Tomra will shine as he usually does.. Tony in 2006
Also look for a trimmed down Clint Harwood ! even Colin Bonneau will be lifting --Matt Court and some other giants will make the CPO meet a GAS !!!

Of course, it's only 3 weeks til Portland and the WABDL Nationals I know for sure Myself -Warren Orr Warren Orr
and Nancy Carpenter Nancy with Kara Bohigian
are competing in that one...

oh yeah--I made a new "Funny"animation (wrote-voiced -drew -animated) over at All Hail Thorndike Pickledish
humor me---heh heh !


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