Tuesday, July 07, 2009

These Just in !

My 578.5 WABDL Masters World Record in Portland.
CSS Photo design DVD Video from the 'Bird cam'

Nancy Carpenter's 220 Pound Canadian Record !

When watching my BP on a TV screen the stroke looks about 2 inches (I wish) the High Angle is the reason, a side PHOTO view posted below in the Portland report shows a foot or more path...AFTER the rack call, the top has a wobble when the spotters struggled to put the bar back in, otherwise, this was the smoothest of my 3 lifts on this video--what can I learn by watching?--well for one, I don't "elbows in" like I thought I did...in theory I'm doing more of an 'elbows out' than I thought --technique could be tweaked on this to get a better lift next time out--thanks to Forest Hofer for the lift offs and Nancy for stuffing me in the shirt and helping with numbers and photos..thanks to Bruce Everett on training days in Vancouver and for Target Fitness for allowing me to train 'light speed' days in their gym.
(Nancy's Gym on Heavy days)

Above--I think Nancy's lift was perfect --but it is the only lift (being the heaviest of the day) that showed extra oomph at the top...all her others looked effortless...

CSS Photo design sent 2 videos special post for only $25.00 --I think that shows that they are a service FOR the lifter as the profit margin can't be large for the effort and travel and hours they put in, their link is below in the Portland Pictures report.


Blogger zaitsoff said...

nice robo

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Blogger Tony said...

great stuff robo. great to see Nancy's numbers are moving up as well.

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