Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last Heavy Day Before WABDL Nationals

Next week at this time I'll be done with the Benching part of the meet and will be running around getting Deadlift photos for my Power site web update and Here in Bench Bozo land.

Today all my warm ups had good bar speed all the way thru the 308-330 and 350 reps...then into an old Katana shirt for heavy singles to openers 507 512 and 518...the reps touched, paused and flew up fast....all were perfect in form, I used this 2 year old that gave me 562 at it's newest stage of fabric, in 2008.
We all had a good workout this week --Nancy hit 3 PRs and handled 242 in the bench press at 147 bodyweight...altho the bar didn't quite touch the chest --but it's one of those that you think (hope) will touch in the meet...actually, Nancy has a bad back and cant arch---if she could arch at all...242 would've flown for her today.

Bruce, did safe and sane, scientific benching today...his daytime job in this weeks 'heat wave' made him take it easy, so that he could build back some lost energy for the next time thru --he still lifted well...and of course, handed the bar out for myself and week I might be able to fill you in on how we did about...4 or 5 pm Sunday after we fly back from Portland...and to you faithful WABDLARIANS we'll see you there !

Oh yes --there is a BCPA Full Power and bench meet in Vancouver Tomorrow--Nancy will spend her day there volunteering...I think it is at Jericho center, @noon.

bcpowerlifting site will have true details


Blogger Tony said...

Well good luck Rob. Are you going for 600. Damm numbers anyway. Looking forward to another of your great meet reports.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Ruthita said...

Looking forward to the Post-Portland coverage!!
Lift like the wind, good buddy!!

7:45 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks very much !
Tony and Ruthita..
It is the morning of the flight --I'm waaay underweight for the class..but will take care of the replenishment early today after weigh in..I plan on trying 600...but it is so hard to get the earlier numbers the opener and the 2nd..which needs to be 'in there' so a 4th attempt can be had...then go for broke on 3rd n' 4th--damn --just thinking about attempts is butterfly inducing !--thanks for the kind back Sunday --may have some sort of report by 3 or 4 pm..


8:36 AM  

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