Sunday, July 05, 2009

Raw Heavy Sunday

Did the pin presses from chest height in the rack again today, felt recovered from Wednesday when I did 5 sets of 5 with 275 on the bar for speed--then singles with 315 335-355 &365...anyway, back to today's workout...warmed up with the bar in the rack then reps 135 -225 -315 --
then 2 sets of 365X3
then singles with 385+385+395+400-
-then 405 for a single
and 405 again for one more single, and that was it for 'heavy' today...I do the big shirt workout next Saturday at Nancy's gym...this, in prep for WABDL's Iron Gladiator Great Northern Bench press and deadlift meet...Gus is only Charging $55.00 for entry fee...and if you get your form into him by July 20th you get a free program and Tee Shirt--this meet is always one of WABDL's Best...go to the WABDL link at the side here for the entry download--and get the entry in soon for the perks. Not t0 mention the great awards

Speaking of the WORD Olympia...(a funny what if )

The Mr. Olympia IFBB bodybuilding meet in Las Vegas in September will have a USPF (and GPC) powerlifting meet that anyone can enter...can you imagine my fat ass entering the power meet...and telling everyone I was just back from the MR "O" contest---

ha ha--

"But robo--I thought that was for Muscle men??" --
" So what happened after the meet --did you eat an entire Vegas Buffet?"
"Did you enter the bloated old persons class ?"
"Did it hurt to be laughed off the stage?"
"So altho you wore a LOOKED nude...and were arrested?"

Anyway if you'd like to read about this forthcoming (non invitational) chance to powerlift during the Mr. O weekend go here for more
(scroll down 3 or so events)


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