Saturday, July 25, 2009

Curse that Evil Shoulder !

Heavy Shirt workout today--even warm ups were tough with pain in my right shoulder..careful reps with light bars to only 330 for 2--then we put on my second best Katana shirt--little test with 440 then 496 then 507 ..and some tentative 529's (2 singles) --then I wanted to do an assisted 550 and it went well--my shoulder was finally warmed up OR the endorphins had kicked in and numbed the now a 584 single (like a one board) was attempted with very weak green bands attached...the bar was heavy at the top--so I worked hard on lock outs with a few more attempts at that weight...each time it would rocket to the top and stick short of locking--then I would push like mad --and once I did lock it--Bruce would grab and rack the bar...

Had I used my 'meet shirt' that would have been a good and complete lift..but in this case..the 'running out of pop shirt' plus some very weak (long) reverse bands more or less mocked up the same sort of the workout (plus the reps work out with Nancy and Bruce) was a good one...but the shoulder worries me...I have less than 30 days to fix it and get back in spirit for that 600 attempt...the one reason I have been so psyched over Olympia in the first place !

Hey, World Games are on--and Powerlifting Watch is giving PL results in a rather timely manner--link is on side of this blog page.
check it out !


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