Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heavy Day - PROGRESS !

Hey, My name is Clark Kent
--I'm bench pressing in your weight class
--need some chalk??

Today after the usual raw warm up--I put on my 2nd best Katana...and did singles with 440+ 507+534 then 550 for a 'one board' then 600 +600 and 600 with reverse bands added...this helped me feel the weight at the top and follow a relaxed arc on the way down...after this, I felt like this was a perfect progression forward, so that more challenges could be added as the meet gets closer--the workout, even WITH shirt and reverse bands was NOT easy ! I felt like I had really worked !

Nancy and Bruce hit reverse bands after Nancy put up a 165 Raw rep as her last warm up...I joined in and we did reps with varying weights and reps...more of a speed workout than the mass and strength 2 weeks we do it again...this time, I'll take off more of the 'training wheels' to go more head to head with the weights ! As i edge to a 600 try in Olympia, August 22nd.


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