Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Light stuff and New issue !

I always remind Vancouver lifters when the new copy of Powerlifting USA is in at Mayfair magazines on Broadway (near Granville) well it IS in and it looks good..
there are 9 left go get one...or seven !

Workout today was LIGHT --225 X4 for 3 sets the bar got proper speed on the 3rd set--4th set and fifth VERY FAST!! --upped to 275-4 reps also fast, today no shoulder twinge did one more speed set with 275 then upped to 300 for 4 reps bar slowed a bit..then did a singe with 315 FAST and another speedy one with 325 and 345--

then took bar down to 315 for 3 fast reps then to 225 for 4 very fast (best bar speed all day) reps to hit 12 sets in all---

Good news I'm down to 297
Bad news-- its cuz I've been sick with a strange lower GI thing...

Go to the doctor? hell would have to freeze over...

There is a heat wave in Vancouver its 90 farens in my apt. --so I guess hell DID freeze over causing this Heat wave...

I did go to the doctor...she said IBS--and I said "I know I do--but MOST of what I say is true"


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