Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heavy lifts before Olympia !

Bruce Everett waits for me to attempt the load o' the day !

Wednesday, I went in and did a pin press at chest to 395 --so if all is well, my peak should be back by August 22nd and the Big WABDL meet in Olympia Wa.
That's next Saturday-

-so TODAY-

-we did last minute heavy work to get used to competition...I used a shirt that is way to large for me now...this is the "opener" shirt and I did a 496 and a 523 in it...then we put on the blue bands for reverse band benches...the weight on the bar was 550 then 590 -600 then 610...these all went very well.. ..but being honest, blue bands give a ton of assistance..but I liked the idea of doing a full lift with the NUMBER is was shooting for...610 was a little tough but it went--

then we re torqued the loose Katana...and took the BANDS off--
I tried 590 -
--it slowed down at the very top-Bruce had to help me over the lips to rack it- but with the loose shirt....not bad !

So, my imagination (which is nicknamed 'FullaBull' ) says that in my NEWER shirt I might have a chance at getting the 600 due to tighter fit and "pop" --So I'm encouraged, even with my mysterious weight loss, (don't worry, I still LOOK like the Michelin Man)--and suffering non stop '24 hour Vandalusian Foop Trots' and 'Gigantor Gassiosites' for a month or more...

Later I did some very fast reps--to get the speed aspect in..

Nancy lifted in her shirt as well...and went to a very fast and easy 198 pounds (90 kgs) which will be her opener...a year ago --THAT was the WABDL Canadian record in the womens 47-53 148 lb class.

Looks like she will break the 100 kg record she made in Portland easily....

Jody Cranston is lifting with us in Olympia- I see him doing 578 to 600 in the deadlift..and over 375 in the Bench Press--sidebar has his link here--check his powershape site...Jody is a true champ and the busiest personal trainer in Vancouver.

See ya next week in Olympia !!


Blogger Tony said...

Great to see your back on track. Good luck next saturday.

8:34 AM  
Blogger produkey said...

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