Saturday, August 08, 2009

Good come back !

I felt way better about my energy and strength level today--I did Heavy bench presses in my drastically loosened KATANA (saving the ATOMIC one for meet day)
--warm ups went very well --fast reps up to to 350 before we put the shirt on--

then a 440 to test the waters--and a 'opener' style 501
then a 512 that went nicely--then 529 for 2 singles...

both seemed to lock out slowly on my "bad" shoulder side...but that was better than I thought I'd do...NEXT SATURDAY I'll hit bigger numbers to get used to handling more of a body terrorizing number --may hit partials with 600 just to feel the 'prize' a week out from the meet--after the shirt workout, we all did reverse bands with big weights and for enough reps to consider this a good all around workout..Nancy used her shirt and PR'ed a 225 rather easily with no flaws...I see our team of Jody Cranston, Nancy Carpenter and myself doing very nicely on the 22nd in Olympia on the WABDL link at the side of this blog to read times and location of the meet--

Hey-again I have to alert barbell enthusiasts to 'TAN SLACKS' a blog of great old strength magazine articles that feature all the greats Doug Hepburn, Chuck Sipes, Reg Park, and EVERY other iron game guru ever CLICK HERE
I heard from the website author...who gives us this rare text week after week..and thank him again for continuing this great site !

(when you click you'll be taken to a Hepburn article--but go to the side listing for more article links and pictures--there is a vast treasure of weight training history there)


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