Wednesday, August 05, 2009

World Police & Fire Games Powerlifting !

Today and for a few more days, the World Police and Fire Games are in Vancouver--the Powerlifting is RAW with modified IPF style rules--it's going on now at the Westin good ol' Buddy Colin Bonneau is in town to help judge (Colin has World Masters Records in IPF- WPC- WDFPF and AAU ) also heading up the Powerlifting part is BCPA Stalwart and IPF Masters champ Bob Hindley--Thousands of Athletes and lots of sports --
read all about it
(click da blue writing)
Here is the Web Site

I had the tiniest of all parts in it--when I was chosen to voice the commercial by Global TV who produced the spot.
Here's the commercial for the World Police and fire games in MOV format--I'm proud to be the Announcer on it -- CLICK to play--

I went back to the gym and did a 'make good' in those raw pin press things I do (Same exercise as Sunday ) this time, the bar felt lighter, and I did 225 X10
315X5 for 2 sets
then 365 for 2
--then 385
then a single with 390
and another with 390...

That is a slight improvement in just a few days...still not up to par this close to a meet.

Saturday, I do the shirt stuff, heavy, and then one more big one, before the meet in Olympia on the 22nd

I've heard form some real great people via email---I want to thank you for your kind words..
I'm happy to know some champs find there way here, via google search, and have such great progress in their own benching and lifting stories...Powerlifting and Benching really have a great crew of people--that seems to be the BEST aspect of our Iron endeavor !

Thanks everyone, your Bozo forever..Bench !


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