Sunday, August 23, 2009

Up- Up - Up--Real Close--"You'll have it by World's !"

Here's is my near miss with 600 at the WABDL Iron Gladiator's meet Saturday August 22nd in Olympia Washington-I weighed in at 296

click to play-- 19 seconds


...well, AFTER you've seen the rest of these...

I managed to get a masters best lifters sword with my 2nd attempt of 529--Nancy Carpenter also won Best lifter in her category Nancy beams as she gets her award..from the Legendary Gus Rethwisch !

And Jody Cranston broke Canadian Records in both the bench press and deadlift
this is taken before his successful 573 pull at 181--Jody is 40 now..and still gets his I.D. checked --the "Fit" get fitter--and the youthful ...get......youthfully-er ?

Here is where we will do the WABDL Worlds October 27th thru the 1st of November
YOU could lift here--WABDL DOT ORG (linked to the side here) Has the info and entry blanks.The STAR of the Portland and Olympia meets this year James Crawford !!
Jody Cranston's 3rd attempt caught by Nancy's Camera
Nancy Dreams of her GUINNESS arriving in the Red Lion Lounge.

Tracy Lundin Lifts HUGE Iron ! @ Olympia !!After many Canadian records in the masters 47-53 class in both the 148 and 165 pound class--Nancy Carpenter wins her first BEST Lifter award !

"I'm Bench Bozo...and I approve this tee shirt"


Blogger Tony said...

Oh so close. Looks like all of the crew had a great meet. I'm looking forward to the report on your website.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Ruthita said...

Fantastic near miss!! And beautiful sword!

Great meet for Nancy and Jody too!

Woo hoo!

10:20 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Yes !! I'm happy about the closeness of this attempt..when I was doing it--it seemed farther away--it is very helpful to see how close it was..I got one email from a neighbor who was SAD for me not getting was about as good as my 2nd time trying it in a meet--but THEN I was 10 pounds heavier...and seeing this over and over it seems like I have to do RIGHT arm triceps work..oh yes and I must order a new 'right shoulder' from Priscilla Ribic's PL gear on line...wonder if the have any TITAN shoulder replacements in fat guy size??

8:51 AM  
Blogger Thùy Liên said...

Excellent article, read in one breath! Thank you!

2:05 AM  

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