Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet aftermath !

After Olympia's meet (meet pix are in post below-and at a link there too )
I went in on Wednesday for a quick workout --just speed bar stuff 225X4 reps 5 sets FAST--3 sets of 4 reps 275 good speed on the bar here too..
then some speed singles with 305 -315-335 and 350....
whaaaat? 350 was slow?? better get working harder mister Bozo !!
'B. Bozo was such an "ass" at the meet ...Jody and he were relegated to sit in the 'cartoon characters only' section to await their awards'

Today, Sunday...I went into Target Fitness and did my pin presses raw at chest height (no pre-stretch) 225 X8 +315X3 then 365 +365 and 385 390 and bodyweight is down to 292 (ha ha --DOWN to???) as you know --I have been lumpier...anyway...I then used light reverse bands and did 405 + 405 + 425 for singles...that was all for today--but the 390 and 2nd single at 385 were pretty tough to do...I'm going to do a Doug Hepburn single rep progression to get these numbers back up by Worlds...

I don't do shirt work again til Sept 12th--but will do this light stuff for another week in the meantime.

ATTN: Vancouver Powerlifters--NEW ISSUE of Powerlifting USA is in at Mayfair magazines on Broadway...Only 7 of them left--get yours soon !


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