Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes..Yes..but so very NO !!

----Hey Bozo who are you dressed up as ?
---Yeth I'm mighty THOR from all these exerthizes !!

Here I am at Target Fitness after my workout--my bodyweight loss continues and it effects the weights I want to use for my bench presses in the rack...
Today, being SORE from Wednesday I only got 315X3 365-365-370-375-380-380-then 365 for 3 more singles a 370 and a downset with 315X5

Tonite I run over to Nancy's gym to try on an ultra tight new Katana--there I may try lock outs in it to try to break it in...being 'down' to 289 (very heavy, for anyone but me) is indeed changing my training for the WABDL Worlds...and that is very close a time frame to get it all together for a big win...

My internet is down at home-so I'm wi fi-ing at the more thing...NEW PLUSA is in @ Mayfair on Broadway...Sept issue, there are 7 left--- and 2 left of the Popular August issue...this of course is a note for Vancouver BC powerlifters who find the $100.00 a year in Canada rates too high, it's a Post Office deal not the publisher of Powerlifting USA's fault.


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