Saturday, September 26, 2009

4 Heavy workouts left before WABDL Worlds !

Today I had a good workout BUT I didn't prove my 'self advertised' great strength today...warm ups all went well with good bar speed--the reps with 225 the singles with 286- 308- 330- 330 and 330 started to slow reduced 289 bodyweight might've been a shoulder might've been a factor--what ever it was I wasn't "on" as an energy source today--but I had to find out what my best shirt would give me now that it is so loose that the sleeves 'swim' as I on with the size 50 Katana that gave me 578 in Portland (at 306 bodyweight) we started with 440--which wouldn't touch (of course) then 2 singles with 500 then one with 520--

Then I thought, why not rig up my partial set up to the 'pins' (would do boards here, but Nancy had to man the camera)

Here is a shaky 550 partial --I did 2 more singles this way..and didn't have good luck with lockouts today--later I did do boards as did Nancy --who again, seemed to have the best 'results' day---the shirt you see here, altho loose on me now, will be my 'opener shirt' --I figure an easy 500 or so--maybe a 534 2nd attempt....

And YES -rumors are true -I FIT into a 48 A/S Katana now and that will be my record beater shirt--note that my squat belt that has been too tight for me for 5 years now fits loose too...

Ha Ha --no, I am not going on an all Pizza+ cheesecake diet to gain back all my bulk before October 28th !!--but I am on the case of upping my protein and carbs !


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