Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bench Press shirt test !

Yesternite, I went to Nancy's gym to fit into my new Tighter Titan (Super Katana a/s single ply) as mentioned it's a 48 when my usual shirt is a size 50...but there's that unexpected weightloss (blah blah blah) The shirt fit very comfortably, not always a good sign...I did tricep work with it..that is because I could only get my arms apart a very short distance ...and the shirt seemed to start letting some weight we left the bar where it was in the squat rack-in 'floor press' position for Today !!

Today I warmed up with graduated weights raw to 350--then we put the shirt on and continued til I could get my arms farther apart-- we then moved the bench in --raised the barbell to a 10 hole and started to bring the weight down to a 2 board height...440...500...529...all easy to handle...BUT the shirt wouldn't stay put--it kept riding up and choking me...just as not much BOB in the shirt as you know ...unless a Katana is flush to the isn't giving you what you need...we adjusted the shirt and got a "one board" with 550 then another--this one got caught on the supports and Bruce gave me minimal help to get it back in the rack...the shirt...when flush to my body and anchored will be a great replacement for my looser than loose, size 50 ! then as Bruce and Nancy did reverse blue bands..I did their weights..only with the BANDS OFF...a workout I really felt--gaining weight back yet, robo? --nope, eating like a gorilla..and holding at 287...I like the weight loss....just dont like dropping the Benchin' strength !

Next week I test the old 50 (as I get a good workout too) to gauge it's BEST possible weight..for my opener...drat! the meet is just too damn close now !!--nurse, peel me an avacado !


Blogger Tony said...

your posts sound like mine usually do. Hang in there you'll do just fine. when it matters we always find a way. good luck and have fun

7:53 PM  

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