Sunday, October 04, 2009

Shrinking from Doody !

A new "skinnier" Bench Bozo attempts to disguise the name of his preferred Bench press keep opponents from knowing his winning secret.

My weight continues to shrink--to 287--and it is still an unknown cause, that allows me to 'foo' more times daily than lawfully possible--last months "full of it" remark sums it up...altho I've wanted to drop weight for 5 years now...dropping it 24 days from a World meet is damn upsetting...and dropping it when not trying is alarming--not to mention gross and boring to talk about...

On Wednesday I did a "RAW" pin press from chest height workout at 289 body weight--the best lift of that session was a 385 --

(down from 405 when I weighed 308 )

Today I did the same set up (altho a speed day with light weights would've been more appropriate) with 315 for 2 --365+365 then 375 for 2 singles--385 and then 390--so I brought it up five pounds from earlier this week...and I was 2 pounds lighter...

Then I used skinny purple bands for 'reverse band' work minimal help from these --and I finished out with 3 sets of 3 reps of 405 then a single of 425 and 430 to end the day--

Tuesday--coming up I will do speed work against the purple bands--

on Friday nite I'll take my new size 48 'Tite ass Santana' shirt to Nancy's gym and do top end partials in it to break it in--then the next day...Saturday..I'll do a real workout in it--testing the feasibility of taking it as my 'save the day shirt' at the WABDL Worlds in Reno on October 28th...for the next 3 Saturdays we'll be having SHIRT workouts at Nancy's with the help of our best lift off technician, Bruce Everett!!

Meanwhile I'm working on gaining 5 pounds back (altho I hate to ) --Doug Hepburn style protein shakes anyone??


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sorry your still sick hang in there

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