Sunday, December 06, 2009

Workout Dec 6

What was listed as my heavy workout today, was not too heavy actually--I warmed up with no shirt --315 335 355 355 365--than put on reverse bands for the bench press and did 405 for 5 and 485 for 4 singles...with a single @ 500 ...earlier this week I did a light workout for bar speed with 225 X4 for 6 sets then singles with "Speed" effort 275 295 315 335 ...the bar wasn't fast and not too light feeling altho --if you follow the know all my weights have been down from the heavy training overloads of a year ago--and in Sept of 2008 I actually lifted 600 (single Katana) to have the judges turn it I feel sub human lately as my bodyweight plummets to 277 from the fatty swamp lands of 308--312...

Bitchin ?? ME?? no--yes--no...
I'm going to follow a plan during the holidays and try to regain the ground I've lost so I am actullay looking forward to success...and I have 2 exciting goals that I'll meet by the first 3 months of the coming boring BOZO will not be much longer ...

Hey --did you know that the OLD Doug Hepburn site (CLICK IT) has been rescued by Garett over at "Soloflex Forever" All Doug's old pictures and videos are slowly being restored and a great framework is up right much so, that the videos work and many of the pictures are catchable too...THE FORUM

Garett's forum on the uses of Soloflex is a good one --I love how he turned 2 soloflexes into ONE really GREAT POWER RACK ! go to the forum to see it !!

PLUSA fans in Vancouver--still 8 copies left at Mayfair Magazines on Broadway--


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