Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching Up !

Just got back from the gym--did today's "Heavy Day" altho it was pretty light...Raw pin presses again, no arch today, so the numbers were embarrassing --315 X2- 2 sets of 335X2 345 365 365 then reverse purples, and doubles with 405 for 4 sets-- doubles with 415 for 3 sets--end of workout...Wednesday, mid week I did a workout very similiar to this as I knew it was the last day I could get to the gym...
... before I had a dreaded Colonoscopy (Friday 20th) I was down to 281 pounds the day of 'The voyage of the damned camera' (ready for my close up?? Euueew ! )--they don't tell ya of the tenderness the day after...and of the NON- GAS -GAS !! right after the proceedure...yep..when recovering from the jim jones kool aid (actually, it's a 'shot' now) in the hospital beds..the nurses (knowing we're all on drugs) say --and I quote...

"During your proceedure everyone, lots of air was pumped into will feel as tho you must pass gas--do not be shy...let er RIP...this is GOOD for you..and since it is only 'air' you will not smell up the air..anyone want to get us started??"

So I did my impression of a of rumble was 9 to 12 seconds...and it could be heard in the hall...35 feet away...some poor old guy in a bed nearby nearly cried and said..."GOD I wish that coulda been me...I havent farted like that since I was 15" later, in my best announcer voice...I said
'And now ladies and gentlemen..I'd like to fart the beautiful Blue Danube"
and I let fly with yet another FLUTTER that topped the first..for my efforts I was given 2 muffins -2 cups of apple juice and permission to put my clothes on and call a taxi..
Here I am with my best farters trophy.
Hey Vancouver PLUSA readers...Mayfair sold out of the November issue--but re-ordered --NOW there are 7 issues with Shawn Frankl on the cover...this issue is now BACK in--if you missed it..go get it today..that's on Broadway in Vancouver just past Granville going west.


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