Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feelin Strong !

I won't be back in the shirt til the 26th...but because I wanted heavier weights today...I raised the safeties 3 inches so what I did today was more like a 'lock out' than a pin presses.
( I do pin presses from flush to my chest )

Anyway, I did raw lockouts (about a 9 inch range) with 315 for 10 365 X5 405X4-

Then with reverse bands I did

485 for 3 --
530 for 2
--550 for 5 singles...

that was an easy workout --but one that will prep me for my next shirt day ...also it didn't kill my shoulder like lifts right from the chest do.

I didn't skip my Wednesday was just a 'speed' work day 225 X4- 6 sets 275X4-3 sets 315 for '2's' for 3 sets...most of the weights went fast except--the first set of 315's--

Seems like I warm up VERY slowly...heh...almost in a time when the meet would be over, I'd be ready to go...



Blogger Tony said...

Geart stuff. Good to see your training is going well. Just wanted to wish you the best of the season.

5:43 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey TONY !!

Best of the season to you too !!
always inspired by how hard you work in your training !
hope your new set up (gym) is completely in place now !

9:14 AM  

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