Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Deadlift Bozo

Click this-- to watch Deadlift Bozo's quick little movie !

( BLOGSPOT seems to have problems showing video that IS there-a "not here" message sometimes appears--I hope this glitch can fixed across the board)

I did this cartoon character in Amorphium 3
a modeling program that allows real time creativity...I ad libbed the quick little bit.. about a judging snafu--

"If a guy does MORE than the rule of the lift mandates... will he still get 'turned down?"

Today's Bench workout was nothin special--that's why ya get the 'movie'

I did speed benches with as much force as I could get on the bar--with 225X4 for 6 sets--and doubles with 315 for 4 sets--this will set me up for a heavy workout on Saturday !!

Fast Forward Saturday workout went well !


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