Sunday, April 26, 2009

B. Bozo..Fatness Instructor !

TIRED OF LOOKING LIKE THIS ?????Now you can realize your dreams, and look like this !!
Yes !

Did you miss that opportunity to move to Japan and become a star SUMO wrestler because you were just too ripped or "Powerlifter strong"?

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Be a SPY ... smuggle documents between the folds of your skin...hold hundreds of secrets between your tummy and your OTHER tummy...and what about the memory sticks staying warm under your man boobs?

Be a chef--opera singer--or any number of human water bed shaped objects...the choice is yours today !

When You sign up with Bench Bozo you'll be just like Robert O. in weeks...sometimes days !!

It's easy and Fun !!

In the gym --SIT ON and, dare I say it....EXPLODE those Godamn exercise balls all the little fitness weasels 'build their core on'

Enjoy lifting more than anyone in the to lift at least BODYWEIGHT in all the big exercises...then make sure your Bodyweight is more than any barbell or kettlebell or Hammer Strength apparatus in the gym...

Start this way.....

Eat a well Balanced diet thru out the day...

But at 6 PM ..turn on the TV ...make sure there are plenty of delicious Lay's Potato Chips...of course who could resist the Original Frito corn chips with jars and jars of Con Queso's the cheesiest ! --mmm that is some energy producing food for channel flipping...but where is the Yellow Tail Shiraz wine?? that will keep you relaxed and that appetite on a roll (there's that word again)
thru out the night...
of course you can add Ice Cream or cakes and cookies...but keep nibbling each and every nite..make sure you're laying down on the couch sitting..that burns a few calories...oh yes...keep chanting Guacamole --Guacamole--Guacamole during commercials...soon you'll weigh more than you ever dreamed..and can start your new life as the worlds heaviest man....Hey, at least you'll be the "WORLD'S something"...not a nobody like you were when you fit in REGULAR peoples clothes...
you fooled those 'little people'

In the gym ONLY bench press!! do it twice a week make sure you stay on the gyms only BENCH for at least one hour and a half...I don't think ANYONE will dare to ask.."how many sets you have left"

I benched heavy today got in very good upper end work-- to 2 reps with 505--and 14 work sets in all, for Triceps and lock outs

Tonite I have set the Table for "Breaking Bad" "Simpsons" and "Family Guy"
till next time SNACK HEAVY !!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 inches off the chest --they're called lockouts !

Wednesday my pin presses from chest level went to 400 pounds in weight...Today, I raised the bar 3 inches higher so that it was a 7 or 8 inch stroke to lockout...

The workout was 315X6 405X3 425X2 455 465
then I used small purple bands for reverse bands lockouts...
485X3 535X3 585X2 605 + 605 as singles...

It was one fine workout and felt good to lockout the heavy singles and doubles...many times with the Purples--I'd move my hands in and do close grips on the second reps...

rewarded myself with a foot long SUBWAY sandwich (downstairs from Gym) double meat turkey....

double meat turkey???

I am what I eat !!?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday's workout

I did the from chest level pin presses we've come to know so well...even when they wear a pair of novelty glasses and a false moustache.

The lifts were 135X12 225X8 315X6
365 385 390 395 and 400

Normally, the days workout would've been speed stuff with light weights and bands resisting the top end...but I felt like heavy singles...Sunday I may go heavy-ish again...not a shirt day tho !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back with 580 in the rack !

Last heavy workout at Nancy's gym--I did some 'real bench presses' ala OPENERS...then did a partial 574 and missed a 580 at the top--this week--I made it !!

580 with the pins at '7' --in 2 weeks I'll do this with 600 !
and in weeks following that--I'll put the safety bars at '6' and touch my chest as I get closer to the meet. (this is OUR version of 'boards' due to lack of spotters/partners )

Tony Tomra was right when he commented last time that the weight touching one side then the other...a millisecond late..might've caused last sessions failure at the top...

This was a fun lift to do--the bellowing at the top of the success at 580 is a "gruntulated' I GOT IT !!


which is what it sounds like...

The workout was numerous raw warm ups to 350 with attention on form--I'm trying to watch the bar...and put my head back to the bench at the press command...this is an infraction in many feds--but in WABDL it might help me touch the chest quicker...and then if I switch back to a USAPL meet I can go back to NOT lifting my head...I seem to use different muscles with this lifting the head maneuver...anyway it was just an experiment to see if this might help me get a quicker 'press' command.

The shirted work was a 507 legit bench --
then we put the 'pins' in at 7 and did 550 easily then the 580 went pretty well (as in video)

I did reverse band work with Bruce and Nancy and we all did lots of very good sets--keeping an eye on form and speed on the reps...
a good workout !

Sunday, April 05, 2009

First Things First...

The New issue of Powerlifting USA is on the stands, that is the issue marked March 2009 is in town at Mayfair Mags on Broadway in Vancouver...The issue is a good one as always...and since I nudged the store to bring in 12 copies a month...I always try to alert Vancouver lifters when the new one's here...get it !

Tom Manno terrific bench presser is in town for a fitness friend Jody Cranston tipped me off about it...
Tom hit 700 at a masters age group lifter (50?) here he warms up for a WABDL meet
with the Great Mike Womack ( 942 world record bench) at left--
Jim Presley (high 600 bencher) "Mr. Arms" center
--And Seattle Super Coach Joe Head spotting at end.
I took this picture at a Worlds a few years back.

Tom was showing his line of supplements in Vancouver this weekend...I'm sorry I didn't make it down ...ya know...Jody (powershape blog link is at side here at my site)
might have some details on it all--give Jody's blog a click for more.

The CPU held their Nationals this weekend --some good lifting happened !


the GPC Affiliate Independent Powerlifting Canada held THEIR Nationals too !!
no results for them yet--but their affiliate GPC is a hell of an organization !

Then May 30th it's the CPO (WPC affiliate) Nationals
Your Pal --Tony Tomra is working out hard for that one !!
He's doing strongman and lots of Cardio in his training check out his blog and videos at Tony's power blog linked here on the side bar >>>

Did I work out? this week? yeah, but that's boring--Friday I did speed bench @ Target Fitness 8 sets of ballistic movements in the bench 4 reps each for --weights of 225 255 275 295 and 305 --no bands--
told ya it was boring...

Today I did my Pin presses
chest height level
315X6 365X2 385 390 395--
ONE post higher
405X3 425 455 465

that was it---next week --HEAVY shirt work in prep for my next meet the WABDL Nationals
in Portland June 13th !