Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shirt Work on Heavy Day !

I think my body is made of shortbread cookies--it being the season and all--I haven't done shirt work in 3 or 4 weeks...and today I found my 50 Katana fit as loose as a 60 would've when I weighed 304 warm ups were weak and then when I put on the shirt--I might as well have been made of Xmas pastry dough...because 450 seemed to lock out as before..but Bruce had to put it in the rack for me...I thought the lift was complete but it wasn't--I seemed to not know when I was locked--that is, NOT LOCKED...that is a new one for we went to closer to 500 pounds and TORQUED the I was locking right --but the bar only traveled down half way before I sent it back up..

Bad Day??

'you betcha'


So here I am 275 bodyweight and seeming to be weak as hell...NO, I AM NOT BEATING MYSELF UP--I'm just stating a fact...I might as well have lost a pound in my bench press for every pound of bodyweight I've lost..(that IS a common rule of thumb) so what am I going to do??

1. stop bitchin (yeah, right)
2. get a shirt that fits.
3. get my strength diet back on track (cut back on the Red Wine too)
4. now that I know the factors that are weakening me-fix em-forget em-and get busy !

The rest of the workout had me putting reverse bands with the loose shirt --and doing singles with 507--518--and 550

Then I joined Bruce and Nancy and did reps with heavy weights with JUST reverse bands..adding 6 or more sets of work...all in all the workout was good --but the true strength test was predictably down from what I wanted...but my sights are set on the WABDL Nationals in Portland Or. March 13th...there, I will have to speed to start the competition year right !

Nancy hit a 170 raw bench and will do 180 in two weeks...

Hope you had a Happy Holiday !

New Year's Eve to jump over, and we're into a fresh calendar !

here's to lifting heavy in 2010 !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feelin Strong !

I won't be back in the shirt til the 26th...but because I wanted heavier weights today...I raised the safeties 3 inches so what I did today was more like a 'lock out' than a pin presses.
( I do pin presses from flush to my chest )

Anyway, I did raw lockouts (about a 9 inch range) with 315 for 10 365 X5 405X4-

Then with reverse bands I did

485 for 3 --
530 for 2
--550 for 5 singles...

that was an easy workout --but one that will prep me for my next shirt day ...also it didn't kill my shoulder like lifts right from the chest do.

I didn't skip my Wednesday was just a 'speed' work day 225 X4- 6 sets 275X4-3 sets 315 for '2's' for 3 sets...most of the weights went fast except--the first set of 315's--

Seems like I warm up VERY slowly...heh...almost in a time when the meet would be over, I'd be ready to go...


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reverse Band benches to 505

I Went up to Target Fitness today and got in a "Heavy" rack workout..benched 225X12- 315X3 + 335+ 355+ 365+ 365+ 365 to warm up (no shirt of course) then instead of shirt work...I did the reverse blue bands again--405 X8 +455X3
then 505 for 5 singles...
my triceps felt very worked after this, and the poundages were up from last week's workout these alternate sessions are keeping me at least close to what some of the 'shirt' sessions do...due to Holiday stuff I wont be doing shirt training til the this style might keep me ready til then---

Good News --the WABDL World's will be in November 2010 at the Spectacular Las Vegas Hilton--my next years Birthday will be out of the way by then and I'll be able to compete in the 68 to 74 age matter what, I'll shoot for World records then...nice to be able to plan so far ahead !

Hey--did you play my little movie below yet??...Deadlift bozo is waiting...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Deadlift Bozo

Click this-- to watch Deadlift Bozo's quick little movie !

( BLOGSPOT seems to have problems showing video that IS there-a "not here" message sometimes appears--I hope this glitch can fixed across the board)

I did this cartoon character in Amorphium 3
a modeling program that allows real time creativity...I ad libbed the quick little bit.. about a judging snafu--

"If a guy does MORE than the rule of the lift mandates... will he still get 'turned down?"

Today's Bench workout was nothin special--that's why ya get the 'movie'

I did speed benches with as much force as I could get on the bar--with 225X4 for 6 sets--and doubles with 315 for 4 sets--this will set me up for a heavy workout on Saturday !!

Fast Forward Saturday workout went well !

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Workout Dec 6

What was listed as my heavy workout today, was not too heavy actually--I warmed up with no shirt --315 335 355 355 365--than put on reverse bands for the bench press and did 405 for 5 and 485 for 4 singles...with a single @ 500 ...earlier this week I did a light workout for bar speed with 225 X4 for 6 sets then singles with "Speed" effort 275 295 315 335 ...the bar wasn't fast and not too light feeling altho --if you follow the know all my weights have been down from the heavy training overloads of a year ago--and in Sept of 2008 I actually lifted 600 (single Katana) to have the judges turn it I feel sub human lately as my bodyweight plummets to 277 from the fatty swamp lands of 308--312...

Bitchin ?? ME?? no--yes--no...
I'm going to follow a plan during the holidays and try to regain the ground I've lost so I am actullay looking forward to success...and I have 2 exciting goals that I'll meet by the first 3 months of the coming boring BOZO will not be much longer ...

Hey --did you know that the OLD Doug Hepburn site (CLICK IT) has been rescued by Garett over at "Soloflex Forever" All Doug's old pictures and videos are slowly being restored and a great framework is up right much so, that the videos work and many of the pictures are catchable too...THE FORUM

Garett's forum on the uses of Soloflex is a good one --I love how he turned 2 soloflexes into ONE really GREAT POWER RACK ! go to the forum to see it !!

PLUSA fans in Vancouver--still 8 copies left at Mayfair Magazines on Broadway--