Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back in the Gym !

Bench Bozo

The Aberdeen pics are up..some of you are coming FROM that report to the workout log here..for those of you who happened onto this from the net--the link to the update is down a few entries click on it to see the pics...

Today I went back into the gym after laying off since Sunday...I was scheduled for speed work ..but I felt like doing heavy pin presses..I set out with a few warm ups 315X5 then 405X2+405X3 then 425+ 435X 1+1 then 445 and 450..that was as good as I get in that dead stop 'floor press' style lift..this form of benching usually has me grinding out that last raw 450 it went easier..that means that I havent lost any ground from Saturday's big,I'll do speed work and then a shirt day next,I'll resume training with IPF style form so that my Issaquah meet October 21st will add some weight to my IPF sanction PR --512 maybe (50 lbs over the single lift world record in that fed.)if I made that on my 2nd attempt...I might try a heavy bench like 534 just to get it up and locked without even attempting to please the judges..the audience might get a kick out of that..and I'd have a confident footing for the Vegas 534-540 would be a good goal !--One thing is clear,I have to stop 'celebrating' with food and wine AFTER a used to be that I'd congratulate a good performance (or mourn a Bad one) by having a Pizza and some ice cold pale I stuff myself with food and wine for a week after a meet..body doesn't need it..dont like the guilt..and the trend is comically upsetting...what was a 2 hour binge..has slowly become 2-3-4-SIX days of eating what I want...Bad Super Lumpy Weight !! Bad !!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Technical grafundifications??

Bench Bozo

I got my bench press movies from the BIG Contest camera person and they are better by a long shot than
the gif sample I put up 2 blogs down...but the small size Windows Media one looks like there is no "Rack" signal...thus making it look like the judging or lift was bad.
"680 kb BENCH WMV"
I will guarantee you the weight locked and then was taken,and not so quickly...I wonder when optimizing the file ..if redundant frames wern't deleted to save space...Here's one that is 7.5 mb and MPEG it is more of a presentation
When looking these over...I feel that I was being too conservative..they look very light..thanks for lookin ! Next movies will be perfected,no excuses !

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Notes on the Aberdeen meet !

Bench Bozo

In a day or so my personal website will be updated
and some pictures of the Washington State Powerlifting Championships will be up..In the scrolling format of pictures and captions there isn't much space for I'll give you a few behind the scene notes here...The APF Meet was well run and pretty hardcore..there was a 950 Squat posted Saturday,the form ranged from lifters who were meeting Strict USAPL style depth to..People who hit perfect bare minimum 'break parallel' APF Rule book squats..and then there were some of those iffy high squats you hear about...some high squats did squeak by..but in TOTAL the judging was good and the APF meet was fast and exciting..The WABDL Push pull had more contestants and very good the Bench press,Donna Delleree would wait for the bar to be solid on the chest before giving the press command..and never once in the day did she get distracted and give an over long pause..head judges like her make bench pressing a dream! I hope the announcement that she is retiring as a judge is false because with Donna in the head chair you know the calls will be letter perfect,and PR's and WR's are possible !
Don Bell put on a great barbeque at the Timber Gym after the meet for 120 ravenous lifters ..Man what a meet !
Now to the trend in trophies...altho I really dont care for swords and pick axes and spears as trophies ..I love the idea that some feds. are getting creative and giving out this "ART" as awards tho,because it means they're forging new ground,even if people like me say "What the hell is this?" we end up "Getting it "
I have a gallery worthy statue,a poster of high quality, framable art depicting Neptunes daughter holding the very SPEAR that was given away as the top award..that is surreal on a 2D and 3D level !! first the picture then it comes to life and stands proudly in the corner of my room!

Monday, September 25, 2006

529 WABDL World record !

I'd been training carefully to get a big Bench before WABDL WORLD's in Vegas...and Aberdeen Washington was the spot..I used my Katana shirt and hit a 501 a 512 and a World record 529 Pounds in the bench press at 63 years old...Later,I was told that the head judge, Donna Delleree said I looked like I was sandbagging...So it looks like I'll have to get ready for 534 to 540 for November...I travelled to this dual federation meet, APF and WABDL, with Jody Cranston he got a 364 bench Canadian Record and a 551 Deadlift...there was some amazing lifting there it was a great 2 day event..with a squat as heavy as 950 credited on the APF side...Don Bell was the meet director and Legends Gus Rethwisch and Brent Mikesell were there to oversee the event,these are 2 of the greats in powerlifting and it is great to see these inspiring giants in our midst!
"My 529 Bench-click it" (That is an altered GIF animation, the real movie --with a legal pause will be posted when I can get it sent to me) My old lifting blog site has been undependable lately so it's fired ..this is the new one..and Aberdeen Pics and more info will be up on my main site in a few days !