Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heavy Day back !

After the 578.5 Bench in Portland ....
(pictures are down below in previous blog)
I was pleased to be only 21.5 pounds from my ultimate all time goal, so I took it a bit easy--I was in the gym twice --one light day, and a heavy raw day.
Up to 400 in that chest level 'pin' press exercise I do...
(365+ 365 +385 +390 +395 +400 +400--that was Wednesday)

Today It was back to Nancy's gym for heavy work in a shirt --altho I took it carefully and only did 496 for 2 singles and a 507 and a 512 single, in my loosest training shirt...then reverse bands for moderately heavy lifts to get some reps and some fast movements in.

It was a good workout for only the 3rd in 14 days...we have 50 some days til we compete again--so in 2 weeks I'll begin to kick the weight back up...

THE NEW Powerlifting USA is on the stands in Vancouver --the June issue is just in at Mayfair books on Broadway (near Granville) usta be they'd put in 3 or 4 copies--and usually sell em all--now we see 10 or so copies come in --and go out by the end of that Vancouver area Powerlifters are responding well to having the mag in one central place !--I bought 3 this time--0ne for me--one for our stalwart lift off man Bruce Everett and one for Jane Smith (Canada's master competitor in IPF Worlds ) who is going waaaay up north for work...we'll miss her-The Nancitizer and Janelator as they win the best medals the CPU can offer !

--but she says her Arctic outpost has a gym so she might even be able to swing the WABDL Worlds in Reno this year...but tonite Nancy is having a going away party for her...I have this bad habit of bringing nice Yellow Tail Shiraz for everyone...then somehow mysteriously drinking MOST of it....


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double VICTORY In Portland !!

WABDL Nationals in Portland I'm elated to announce a new WABDL Masters all time 61-67 Record of 578.5 Pounds in the Bench Press !! it was smooth and easy, a 3 white lights success...which is also the OPEN Canadian 308 record !! 2 records, a best lifters award sword, 2 medals...and personal best my best ever deadlift and my best Official Bench Press are the same...578.5 pounds !

I wasn't recipient of the most white lights tho--Nancy Carpenter benched 220 pounds weighing in at 146 --that shatters her own Canadian record in the 165's and the 148's a whopping 10 kilos !! her day was perfect 12 white lights...and a big record ! Nancy sets up for 220Canadian Champ Warren Orr and Gus Rethwisch--with Monster bencher Mike Womack in the background about to present the award !
There were 117 Benchers and nearly the same number deadlifting Patrick Holloway tugs a huge opener !
Shawn Rainey Did the BP and DL

The contest saw attempts at 900 in the bench by Mike Womack--successes in the 800's in the bench by James Crawford....amazing events such as an 82 year old deadlifter lifting double bodyweight...a teen (19) who benched 622--Jerry Capello opening with 705 in the deadlift ! ---and great performances by our Canadian contingent--Warren Orr--Jon Wolbers--Myself, and Nancy
--all winning terrific awards !! and setting records !

MORE PICTURES !!!! the MAIN Report is already up (Jun 16 edit) Click on blue to go there--if you still get 'Pasco' refresh your browser..
I hit the record from CSS Photo Design's "Bird Cam" check their site for all the pictures from this meet !
CLICK The CSS Photo Gallery

THIS SADNESS Just in---I'm shocked to report that Jerry Capello (above) died Sunday of a massive heart attack after the meet...he had torn his pec..and thought the pain was coming from that...this, according to Powerlifting am shocked to the core...Jerry was a great inspiration to every lifter !!

See you in Olympia August 22nd !

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last Heavy Day Before WABDL Nationals

Next week at this time I'll be done with the Benching part of the meet and will be running around getting Deadlift photos for my Power site web update and Here in Bench Bozo land.

Today all my warm ups had good bar speed all the way thru the 308-330 and 350 reps...then into an old Katana shirt for heavy singles to openers 507 512 and 518...the reps touched, paused and flew up fast....all were perfect in form, I used this 2 year old that gave me 562 at it's newest stage of fabric, in 2008.
We all had a good workout this week --Nancy hit 3 PRs and handled 242 in the bench press at 147 bodyweight...altho the bar didn't quite touch the chest --but it's one of those that you think (hope) will touch in the meet...actually, Nancy has a bad back and cant arch---if she could arch at all...242 would've flown for her today.

Bruce, did safe and sane, scientific benching today...his daytime job in this weeks 'heat wave' made him take it easy, so that he could build back some lost energy for the next time thru --he still lifted well...and of course, handed the bar out for myself and week I might be able to fill you in on how we did about...4 or 5 pm Sunday after we fly back from Portland...and to you faithful WABDLARIANS we'll see you there !

Oh yes --there is a BCPA Full Power and bench meet in Vancouver Tomorrow--Nancy will spend her day there volunteering...I think it is at Jericho center, @noon.

bcpowerlifting site will have true details