Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mass ! PUT ON!!

Need to Gain BIG MASS?? Did you know with Bloatmax QuikGain Protein powder you can gain 10 pounds of solid Rhino flesh in 10 days?

YES Each scoop contains 1200 calories of
atomic amino grubbing-
polypeptide pounding protein

ready to go to work for you !!

It's simple--with just 4 scoops a day --you PACK on the calories that puts on the weight like magic !!
ONLY 4 scoops you say?? --why how is that possible?
OUR Scoops are the size of J'Lo's Butt !!

Lifting4 of these scoops daily alone--will up your precious "CURL" poundage by 5 pounds a week---and getting our 45 pound tub of protein home alone, will UP your cardio for a trimmer waist !With a name like Bloatmax we should be manufacturing pre-fab prison lunches...but we're not
because we care about your powerlifting and physique pruning, we're sure you can't put a hit on us like the guys in the slammer can--remember--our MASS powder comes with a money back guarantee from any of our non existant 'cover company' addresses, so send a letter today to Katchusifyoucan Alaska with any complaints or random rat hair counts..

and with 4 scoops a day---happy muscle building...and rhapsodic farting !!

our 35 pound tub contains 12 servings

Characters (drawings) by robo in ZBrush and"Painter"

Monday, April 12, 2010

I lift in single ply Titan Gear.........

I lift in single ply Gear..but my training partner prides himself in lifting RAW !

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