Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alternate Heavy Workout !

When I train with Nancy and Bruce on Saturdays, it usually is a shirt work out..a loose Katana or a Tight one, when close to a get heavier weights on the bar and practice form.

Today I had to keep the weight heavy but with reverse bands aiding in the way the shirt did..NO SHIRT USED... just bands, I chose to do it this way because of the healing of the recent hospital test..being tender from the proceedure and the biopsy points arching could be super tight belt to hold a shirt I had to lay flat on my back--flex no stomach muscles-use no leg drive and get heavy with varied bands, BLUE GREEN PURPLE...

I warmed up with 225- 265- 285- 308 then put on blue bands and went 385 405 455 for reps then 502 512 518 for singles and 529 for 3 singles that was my initial workout and it felt good ..I noticed that my ailing shoulder naturally changed it's angle and position to 'baby' the condition...
GEEZ 67 years old and fallin a part ...where is that Elmers??

Bruce and Nancy did the same sort of workout and hit some big reverse band numbers... I think Nancy got 397 and Bruce got 440 with using many sets of you know, when done're supporting most of the weight at the top and get plenty of help at the chest when the bands Bruce and Nancy did their sets, I joined in and repped with the same lifts they were doing --it allowed more work for me, and more time between sets for them..

I noticed today that WABDL has already produced a schedule for 2010 --there is The Jerry Cappelo Memorial meet in Medford Oregon Feb 6th-- there is the Nationals in Portland March 13th then Phoenix has the National Push Pull in June and Olympia in July ...with the worlds being in Las Vegas at the end of 2010--

I'll probably be in the 275's this year due to my automatic weight loss that has confounded my doctors...hey, I feel OK but have one of those 'takes forever' IBD type things to conquer..ha..funny..many people would worry about mortality..and all I worry about is...will my bench press go down?
geez !
'lifter' to the core.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching Up !

Just got back from the gym--did today's "Heavy Day" altho it was pretty light...Raw pin presses again, no arch today, so the numbers were embarrassing --315 X2- 2 sets of 335X2 345 365 365 then reverse purples, and doubles with 405 for 4 sets-- doubles with 415 for 3 sets--end of workout...Wednesday, mid week I did a workout very similiar to this as I knew it was the last day I could get to the gym...
... before I had a dreaded Colonoscopy (Friday 20th) I was down to 281 pounds the day of 'The voyage of the damned camera' (ready for my close up?? Euueew ! )--they don't tell ya of the tenderness the day after...and of the NON- GAS -GAS !! right after the proceedure...yep..when recovering from the jim jones kool aid (actually, it's a 'shot' now) in the hospital beds..the nurses (knowing we're all on drugs) say --and I quote...

"During your proceedure everyone, lots of air was pumped into will feel as tho you must pass gas--do not be shy...let er RIP...this is GOOD for you..and since it is only 'air' you will not smell up the air..anyone want to get us started??"

So I did my impression of a of rumble was 9 to 12 seconds...and it could be heard in the hall...35 feet away...some poor old guy in a bed nearby nearly cried and said..."GOD I wish that coulda been me...I havent farted like that since I was 15" later, in my best announcer voice...I said
'And now ladies and gentlemen..I'd like to fart the beautiful Blue Danube"
and I let fly with yet another FLUTTER that topped the first..for my efforts I was given 2 muffins -2 cups of apple juice and permission to put my clothes on and call a taxi..
Here I am with my best farters trophy.
Hey Vancouver PLUSA readers...Mayfair sold out of the November issue--but re-ordered --NOW there are 7 issues with Shawn Frankl on the cover...this issue is now BACK in--if you missed it..go get it today..that's on Broadway in Vancouver just past Granville going west.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to Shirt work

Yesterday was my 4th workout since the WABDL Worlds --I havent blogged about them due to them being pretty much average maintenance workouts...Yesterday tho...I wanted to feel a heavier weight and so it was Nancy and Bruce and a loose shirt-- just to get some 500+ singles in...I warmed up carefully with great pain in my right shoulder and kept it light..then put on a very comfy FURY shirt and went 440--485--507--512--512 the weights felt pretty hard altho the shirt kept the shoulder from feeling I weighed in at 282 which is very low for me...and your average baby hippo...I'm not as careful lately in keeping my protein I wonder if I havent lost some muscle? god --I hope not...terrible kind of diet where the BAD stuff stays and the good stuff goes away...This is me getting a 534 handout/success/ in Reno--I was going to try 600 for a 4th but Mr. Genius here..didn't know the rules and was denied the try..DUH !

Talked to Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA at the worlds--he sez Canada has a new distributor of the magazine and he says the amount of stores taking our sports leading publication will rise--meanwhile--our Vancouver mainstay--Mayfair mags is only stocking 3 issues a month--so hopefully, it will work out so Vancouverites can find ample issues at more stores to keep up with all the powerlifting events...the mags are improving with each months publication...on page 65 of the current issue --the Portland WABDL meet was reported-- my all time world record for a 66 year old --578 Bench press-- was mentioned by Gus in the side write up--great compliments but not all his data (where I lived etc.) was correct but I'll take it--Gus recalled what he did after ONE phone conversation with me--imagine --memorizing 3000 lifters bios like he has.

AAU Powerlifting contests in Washington state will soon be managed by Liz Willett --she is a great champion and person--I can't wait til she starts putting meets on in the Northwest--that could mean meets as close as Bellingham soon...shirts-or-RAW--good and proper judging--and drug free--this will be a happy event for everyone I know who lifts in western Canada..