Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Terrific Heavy Day 2 weeks from Tumwater

Today, I warmed up with no bench shirt with the usual suspects,

225X5 260X3 285X2 308+330+350

then into my loosest Katana Shirt, and as in weeks before I did one very clean perfect, paused opener style rep with 485 pounds.

Then we used the blue bands in reverse mode and lifted---

550+573+600+600+600+600 --3 of the 600 singles were perfect---One, the first one actually, didn't lock out but was 1/3 inch from completion...

Next week we will go in again (to Nancy's gym) and use the NEW Katana and NO blue bands--I may go to around 575 to see if I can 'chip' my World Record on September 13th--and maybe even do a 600 if we feel brave OR if it feels advisable one week from the meet ! (many would peak up to the 600 AT the contest--more spotters etc ) anyway we'll play it by ear !

Nancy ordered a Phenom shirt from Brent Mikesell's Iron arrived and has the most amazing re-enforced NECK band I've eve seen --this is a single ply shirt with at 5 ply collar(?)...I guess I'll stop pooh poohing that product, as it suits Nancy very well--she did 100 kilos (220 pounds ) in training style, a super PR for to get it MEET style, and she'll be leaving her other 148'ers in the dust !

Bruce had a good workout too but has a tweaked shoulder so he took it easy, but really repped out like mad--then after lunch he hit the road to play basketball...this guy is a perpetual motion man !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doubling the Purples

My last 3 work outs have been based on getting new tension by doubling the Purple bands--on speed day--I set them like this
One end is around the collar --and then that follows over to the end--that gives your stabilizer muscles a real work out and the bar feels HEAVY at the very top as in a 225 pound bar feeling like 300 to 335...I tried this for 2 light days rather than using the Blue bands at their full length...the resistance is quite powerful--just a change of pace !

Pretty much the same 4 reps 8 to 12 sets with as much bar speed as possible !

On heavy pin press day I used the purples doubled from a lower stand in 'reverse mode' and got 3 singles with 505 --nice hard smooth even reps --the workout felt effective and puts me on target for a heavy shirt workout at Nancy's gym on Saturday...edging closer and closer to 600--hopefully all systems will be 'go' for the WABDL Pacific Coast championships September 13th in Tumwater Washington

Do you like the Great writing from early Power magazines and booklets ??
check out this great (and HUGE) Repository of Brute Strength-click here
my Buddy Dave Greene pointed it out to me !
all the greats are there--favorite it now !!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Maximus Fortius !

At the Olympia meet, my buddy Nancy, got me a tee shirt from Iron Gladiators with the words
MAXIMUS FORTIUS or Maximal Strength--I'm hoping now I wont get--

"Hey Maximess FattyAss!"

from wiseacres as I walk down the street..

The shirt imprint must have so brought out the beast in me, that I went ballistic in Nancy's gym yesterday--over a mis heard outbursts are so over the top that people call 911--not Nancy and Bruce --they scratched their heads and said how could we get this kind of eruption out of you in a meet?...It's just the energy we need for you to hit that 600 you want !

So the workout went well--lots of raw warm ups--
225 X 8 X 2
260 X 3X2
285X 3X2
330X 1 for 4 sets
350 X1+1
440 with bands

Then the loosest shirt I have and a 485 (to replicate a meet opener)

the WITH the blue reverse bands--the loose shirt remains...and singles of
551 +573+573+573 and one with 600

(My theory on this assistance mode is--a LOOSE Shirt PLUS Blue Bands EQUALS a tight NEW shirt in a meet---the 573 at Olympia, nearly backs up that idea)

--it felt like I hadn't lost any strength over the 2 weeks since the meet...
many people got 'colds', (flu like magnitude ) after that meet --I still don't think I'm back to 'well" but so damn close, I fake my day to day life...

Sept. 13 is the next meet in Tumwater--I am overjoyed to see, that my friend Tony Tomra will be lifting in this one ! expect HUGE lifts from this guy !!

tomorrow I have commercial jobs to do--hope my voice is up to it...hah ! after my outburst in the gym...I know that I can at least replicate a Sasquatch or King Kong if that's in the script(s)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Video of my 573 bench press AND more Pics !


August 2nd 2008
WABDL Iron Gladiators Great Northern Bench Press and Deadlift Championships !

WABDL World Record !
(Masters 61-67)

Let me share with you--some great pics of the lifting action !
Al had one of the best deadlifts of the entire lifting day here he is with the weight of a small car !

Gary and Mike are running things at the head table ! Elma is in charge of statistics--Gary and Elma are the power behind WABDL.ORG

James Crawford BEST LIFTER
captured by Nancy Carpenter's Camera

Vince Eldridge opens Raw in the bench
Perry Plush helps out in the warm up room as Joe Head spots
This is Legendary Mike Scott--who announced those FABULOUS Hawaii Record Breaker meet videos...years ago --he had surfer hair !! he was our meet announcer along with Gus Rethwisch the president and founder of WABDL

My best lifter certificate was ready for me AT the meet along with a great and ornate's Todd Christensen watching over my 573

Brian -Gus- Gary and Mike, working hard at the head table
The hotel with a view--Red Lion Olympia Washington !

(thanks to Nancy for doing the lions share of the pictures)


Sunday, August 03, 2008

A BIG 573-- World Record Bench Press !

I got a Body Crushing 573 Bench Press on Saturday August 2nd in Olympia--I set it so I could try it on my 3rd attempt and get a 4th attempt of 600--well, the 573 took too much out of me...and I "passed" on the 600 try !
Here is my 2nd attempt a good lift of 518--a prelude to the573 !

There were 130 plus lifters and some fabulous lifting...James Crawford was the star once again with a try at 833--He won "Best Everything"

My friend, and tireless shirt helper, coach, Nancy Carpenter, Bench Pressed 203 at 144 bodyweight--she had entered the 165's so she had to drink lots of water to get UP to that class (149) odd little rule thing --if you enter a class and don't notify the WABDL office by deadline --you must lift in your ORIGINAL heavier or lighter class.. so in reality, she broke all her Canadian records with her best ever lift, at a very light actual bodyweight--stronger everyday, Congratulations Nancy, and thanks for 'engineering' my shirt!
Here's The Fantastic Andy Medak losing a big dead lift at the top !
Next WABDL meet is September 13th In Tumwater Wa. see you there !
(info at WABDL link on the sidebar)