Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reverse Band PR 545

Or should I say it's a reverse band record at my alternate gym, where the rack has a different distance for the bands to assist the lift? I have perceived this set up to be more difficult--so next goal to see if I can hit more next time and the same or more at Nancy's Gym--

The workout was RAW pin presses to start...225 X8 warm ups FAST (speed on the bar)
315X3 then
2 singles with 365 (chest height start to lockout 11-12" later)
395 395
405 405 ...take care when doing these, some people say they kill the shoulders...

...then I put the blue bands on to assist the lift as a shirt would, 500+500+
515 +515
then I tried 545, and it was VERY SMOOTH ! a medium hard effort.

So, that was the week I'll do a "dynamic" day followed by HEAVY shirt work Saturday the 5th--
Lot's of good things have been coming my way (recognition) they are 'secret' for now, but as soon as I can, I'll let you know about these little events that make a 'geezer' like myself VERY Proud and Happy !

cartoon image by me -in ZBrush

Sunday, December 23, 2007

3 Bench workouts in one week !

Yesterday I did a Heavy Bench workout at Nancy's gym.
Used my oldest Katana (loose) shirt--and got 485- 485- 507- 507- 500 -485...this was primarily to get back to holding and using around,and slightly more than, 500 in training...don't want to peak too early ! and the Holiday season is Wimpionizing my training ..
BUT this session also contained raw lifts with 308- 330- 330- 330- 350- 350 (singles)
and 3's to 5's with 285-303-303-and a set of 12 with 225--
THEN with reverse bands I did 2 singles with 507 ..and some raw heavy lock outs.

all in all, the workout felt right.

Wednesday, I did speed bench without the bands 225X4 for 6 sets & 315X2X4 for a small workout.

On Thursday, I was called to do some "publicity" benching photos for a proposed feature that might be done on me, and geezerhood in strength sport...this was a surprise to have to workout a day after my 'light' session..but I did speed reps with 225 PLUS the heavy blue bands resisting the bar--these went faster than they have in weeks...and I did some 315 reps without warm ups ..then I demonstrated a pin press from on the chest with 385 (after warming completely down) as an after thought...

My point in telling you??

I was stronger and more explosive Thursday than I was Weds. with all the recovery time...could we be like Olympic lifters who train the day before the meet? and have a better result on the platform.

are there some days, when training like I did..actually would help your strength OR bar speed? ---well it did hold true for me for ONE day anyway.

Kinda Fun....went to a comic book store and in the used VHS tapes, they had for sale the old Horror Movie/comedy HOUSE it our President (of WABDL) Gus Rethwisch plays a prehistoric man, and is impressive as the 'monster' in this old 90's movie...I played the scene over and over for my friend Nancy and myself --what fun !!! total over the top goofy--but Gus is the biggest I've ever seen him--great to see this again after all these years.

He has an earlier scene --but this is the part that would can see that he is angry these guys are late for weigh in..and they have to leave early and cant stay for trophy presentations !

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Heavy day !

Yesterday, I did a heavy day including a bit of shirt work,reverse bands, and some pin presses...kept good speed on the bar and hit a 500 shirted bench rather easily...didn't go farther because I was using the gym that allows me a "secret" membership and they have racks that are just barely wider than my grip...I was hesitant to go all out, due to possibly leaving some 'hand' behind on the posts...

BUT what a gas of a workout...a new lifter, Dave Greene who was known as "Heavy Duty" on the OLD Monster Muscle forum..joined me today..and with the spotting aid of Ralph and an enthusiastic fitness trainer...we went thru tons of work, including putting Dave into a shirt for the first time...looks like the informal BC team of Myself, Jody Cranston, Nancy Carpenter, Bruce Everett and Jane Smith has a new lifter to travel and compete in some power events in the new year....first one I see looming is March 8th in Pasco...altho I think Dave might bench raw in the BCPA meet in February...Jane seems to be keen on that contest too. (assumption)

Wednesday I had visited the gym for 'speed day' and got a good workout in, so I might have kicked the weak ass bob syndrome to the curb....

the animation above by me...a few years back in a program called Amorphium 3

Next heavy workout Saturday at Nancy's gym ( A Den of strength )

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Where did I go ??

Went to my Heavy workout today ---and I wasn't there !

In my place, was WEAK ASS BOB !!!!

I don't like Weak Ass Bob !! --he can barely get 507 in the F6 shirt !!
Why, I could get 550 in that sucker...unfortunately for me--today, WEAK ASS BOB and I ...were one in the same...

In not training like I usually do, due to "Holiday" excuses and weather...and sloth..and taking my nice results at WABDL World's for granted, I slid down a rung of strength...and had a hard time with my 440 484 507 484 singles--I dared not go up from there...because nothing was in the tank...reverse bands with 440X5 and 484X2 were tough...but a GOOD warning not to stray from your true training protocol --or ya lose tons of strength...later I did lots of shirtless reps with 225 and 265, 285, 300, 315 and 330 --getting BACK the bar speed and what appeared to be my normal strength with the higher rep range--as if once the session was OVER I was FINALLY warmed up...It really did turn out to be a good workout and a wake up call, so I'm back to NOT goofing off...cuz I found a contest in March...and I want to get some nice lifts (WR's PR's) then...and if I wait til New Years to get my strength back I'll be hooped.

Next time--notes on a new lifter in our midst.

THOSE WABDL Results And pictures are below, scroll to see them if you're new here !

Monday, December 03, 2007

Back to it !

The Results are up for the WABDL Worlds
Best wishes go out to Gary Thomas who had emergency spinal surgery, while he was in California.
Gary and Elma (webmasters--and main contest data controllers for WABDL ) Just got home to Bend, Oregon and will update lots of things on the site before heading to the Ocean for some Rn'R--it wouldn't be the same without their friendship and help at all the major's to a serene Holiday and speedy recovery, to the nicest people in the sport !

Check out the results page there are some incredible lifts noted on the list !

I've only worked out twice since the meet, both days were heavy pin press days--my 'shirt' day at Nancy's gym was 'snowed out' so I went up to Target Fitness yesterday and stole a workout there...

In the Squat rack I set the bench in, and the pins at chest height, I pressed from a dead stop- to da top !

225X15 315X5 -365-365- 385- 385-390-390- 395- 400--
then I did small purple reverse bands for 405X4 425X3 435X2 445+450 for a pretty good workout...this replaced work with the bench shirt...and was crafted to have more work in it than last weeks pin press session.

BIG NEWS --in a whole different world Ryan Kennelly just astounded the Bench Press World with a 1050 lift in the APA federation (professional division) to the side on my blog here is a link to Powerlifting Watch dot over there to go to the site that shows his lift on YOU TUBE also PLW has threads of congratulations on this unheard of accomplishment--he almost made 1105 as well, but it stalled out an inch or so from lockout !
Here's a shot I took of Ryan in Portland a few years back --he's even more impressive now at around 347 pounds !