Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Here's More WABDL World's photos !

The Amazing Strength sport legend Bruce Wilhelm was at the WABDL World's

With the main site updated --here are some World report shots we didn't have room for til' now--scroll for more !

Open the side door to the Hilton and there is the Convention center--looming like a Mayan Pyramid !

Some lifters are still sending me shots, so hang around for more photos from the 2007
WABDL Worlds !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Preliminary WABDL World's Rambling

Just got 6 hours sleep so I'm ready to make sense...yeah,right!

The power page update at:
is updated with new pictures and a short report of Saturday's lifting.

I'll put as many pictures as I can about the recent and GREAT, WABDL World Championship in Anaheim California...First, big thanks to Joe Mickelson who handed off the bar for me on Saturday..allowing me to be calm enough to DO my 551 without worry..Of course you know by now, my friend Nancy Carpenter makes sure my shirt is on just right ! and my training partner on heavy days Canada Post's own Bruce Everett is the reason Nancy and I can train heavy,successfully at all--his lift offs are precise, assuring and perfect !
Nancy Lifted a Canadian National record of 198 pounds ! -As a matter of fact she got 12 white lights on picture perfect, strict lifts, under the sharp eye of head judge, powerlifting legend Gordon Santee --she went 80 kilos -85 kg- 89kgs--then 90 Kilos for her 4th attempt...she brought home a huge loving cup for top honors in the 2007 World's...this was her best ever and it looked like she had 10 more kilos in the tank--she weighed in 10 pounds light for her class and is nearing the 52 year age mark.

I only got 10 white lights, but it was enough to get my goals of 540 and 551 in the bench @ 65 years old...I was so elated, I 'levitated' along side the airplane on the way home. I had the honor of meeting my all time hero ...the greatest Olympic lifter ever, Tommy Kono who was given a special honorary award at our meet ! Bruce Wilhelm was there too !
There were teams from at least 13 countries I counted, 600+ lifters...and it was routine to see 700-800 and 900 pound bench press attempts and successes ! and deadlifts that were sensational and hotel shaking !
Tom Eiseman is a legend he was there and a huge winner !!

More pictures and a bigger better report comin to work now, warming up my lips to 'gargle' another 3 commercials !

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Just got back from WABDL World's --short version ! I got it !!!
opened at 490--got it--518--for sure--540 World record YEP !! 551 4th attempt--World record and the most EVER by a 65 year old !

Saturday, November 10, 2007

ON Target !!

On Tuesday I DID my speed work--didn't shirk --but it's not much of a workout to detail, so gave the mid week blog a rest..altho I did do a nice warm down 225X23

Today was a run thru for form and strategy, warmed up with
225 X4
350 for 2 singles.

changed into the 'Loose' Katana (single ply, OF COURSE)

Attempt #1 --490 --
(had Bruce call PRESS and Rack ! Nancy and Bruce Judged--good lift!)
#2 --523 good lift
#3--529 good Lift

Using the 2nd string shirt to make sure I got lifts 1 and 2--

The Plan in the meet will be to change shirts on attempt #3 (tighter shirt from last week --the '551 shirt' ) and go for 540-or-551 (both 540 and 551 are World either outcome will be good)

--if there is any opportunity to abandon these numbers and GO HIGHER --I will--playing it by ear...

Nancy did GREAT shirt work today--she used a loose Phenom (single ply) and got PERFECT 80-85 and 87.5 KILO lifts ( 176 -187 -and 192 POUNDS) they were VERY easy..we can only pray for the power and control we both had today...we did heavy bands with Bruce...and talked about the trip, over lunch at 'Joes Original' on Broadway...our waiter is an actor voice /guy like me, we usually talk about our gigs-agents and auditions...damn cool day all in all !

DippyLand Here we Come !!
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Katana Shirt 2X 551 Bench press !

Days away from my 65th birthday,and 2 weeks from the WABDL Worlds..I put my shirt strength (and readiness) to the test.

I'm being fairly methodical about all aspects of my meet preparation, I made sure my bodyweight was noted, so that what ever results I made today, could be predicted to a point, by what I weigh at the contest...Tightness of shirt depends on that factor..vigor and strength also can be clumped in there.

I did 15 reps of 135--4 reps of 225--2 of 330 and 2 of 350--

Then we put on my newest Titan Katana

...440 to loosen the shirt--didn't touch -didn't expect it to...

then 507 --2 inches from touching, popped back up easily, as it should.

then 529 slow and even rep...

here we adjusted the shirt sleeves...and put 551 on the bar--I did it with nice speed.
DRAT ! --Bruce made a signal that it was the 'height of a nickel' from touching...

Well, BOOBY--if you were in a meet, close doesn't count......

So, I tried it again--this time it touched and made it with some difficulty--but that was an encouraging attempt.

I didn't do bands or boards today....I helped just a bit with Nancy and Bruce's week we do an actual dress rehearsal of the meet for BOTH Nancy and I !!

Here are the 2--- 551 pound singles --Belly up to the bar !

Yes,these look exactly like 2 - 551's I did months ago...but they WERE taken today!