Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be Natural !

Isn't that a Musical note ?
...B Natural??

I drew this and voiced it...very short --odd deally, it is only one drawing --that is warped-- and flipped-- then drawn on --to get the animated effect---

Yesterday's work out was a 'a place holder' DE day--taking the reps as fast as they could fly...light tho...


205X 6---255X 4--
305 X3---305X3---
325 X3 --
340X 2 ---340X2 --

there that oughta hold me.. til Heavy day...

some fairly good bar speed and good form practice !

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking Inventory !

Did a Heavy shirt session at Nancy's was great to workout and visit with Bruce and Nancy !

My shoulder was flaring up altho I want to keep close to my 600 pound bench goal, I opted to do extensive warm ups and shirted partials in a pretty much worn out training shirt...

Warm ups with bar for 30 or so reps --135 for 12-15--
225 for 8
285 X 4
308 X3
330 for a single
and 350
for 2 singles!--

Into the high mileage Katana--with a 440 partial (2 board)
485 (2 board height)
510 and 550 were the next partials...

Then as we call em--we put on the training wheels !
( green reverse bands and pins to hole# 7--which would be a safe partial, in case the huge load got away from me)

Then those partials were performed with 573 and 600 pounds--
I hit the 600 for 2 singles--both times, the bar speed--and lock outs were not satisfactory to me.

The inventory I talk about taking, is knowing deep down, if a meet were held next week..I wouldn't be ready...I've not done enough complete shirted reps...and haven't used my 'meet' shirt to know where I really am...and mentioned 2 weeks ago...the next workout MUST include full reps...and use of the shirt that has now become my 'opener' shirt--less Fantasy land training and more REAL form+ strength full bench press movements....

Maybe the heavy lockouts can be on my heavy days away from the shirt...2 weeks to turn over a new leaf --and knock off some body fat so I can actually get back into the 'too fat to be alive' class...'belly up to the bar' not supposed to mean bench press form,

Nancy had a good workout --hitting reps RAW with poundages she couldn't get with a shirt a year back or so...and her work with the reverse bands was impressive too !

I joined with her and Bruce to do reverse band full reps...which could've had the ol' mass building effect (and in my case--a little shoulder rehab too) After Bruce did 43 reps in reverse bands with 242 pounds as a warm down...we all deserved lunch at the Edge Cafe....I think we really like the social aspect of our heavy shirt day as much as we NEED the training...Saturdays can be a bit flat without the gang get together !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I coulda been a contender --I coulda been a somebody !

When people start out trying to mimic Marlon Brando ...they start with that quote...but I'm not griping I'm not bemoaning a chance at recognition like Marlon's character was.
I'm headlining the fact that I made (without even trying--or knowing about it) the Powerlifting Watch dot com top 50
in the bench press...the initial stats had me 37th in the 308's all ages --and 40th in the Supers, YOUNG people mixed with geezers...this was in the 'single ply' stats...well, I actually did 573 IN SINGLE PLY which woulda made me 7th out of all the contest results in 2008--but WABDL my main home fed --is 'counted' as a multi ply I'll be happy to be old mister 37 (as of yesterdays count) and wait til the poll WABDL is taking POSSIBLY throw out double ply anythings ! to help our federations visibility in the Bench Press in polls like these, next year !

Vancouver readers --The newest Powerlifting USA is in at Mayfair has Laura Phelps on the cover and great stuff inside...last time I mentioned it...quite a few issues flew off the stands ...thanks for helping our sports 'bible'

Today's workout....I went to that idea that stacking the bar the 'old fashioned way' (see previous entry) would be fun on heavy know, pin press
I did 135 X10
275 X4
355-365-375-385-385 for singles
390 for 4 singles--

the very last one flew up like I had 225 on the bar...oddly the first 390 felt HEAVY...mister 'late warmer upper' I guess !
The OLD STYLE bar configuration almost looks bigger than 3 -45's a side +35+2.5 does loaded....
Why do it? break up the same monotonous loads every it reminds me of when I first started lifting...that's the way the weight looked !!!!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's all in the way you stack it !

The other day I found on "Tan Slacks" blog (Ditillo 2 CLICK HERE ) some pictures of a "Barbell" like object...that was used by early weight trainers ...

That's exactly what I started lifting on when I was 13 !!Old train wheels I thought, found em near the back of my early home in Grass Valley California...lifted em til I got strong --then--my parents thought it was safe to buy me a REAL Barbell !!

We all have our beginnings and some of these old wheels and-- sticks with cement stuck in cans ---worked fairly well !

At least it was some resistance...anyway this old time picture made me wonder what if, just for a change...I'd stack the plates in the gym ...the old way...instead of 4 -45s a side or so...why not like the old days? with 2-45's 2 -35's 4-25's -2-10's 4-5's and 2-2.5's
or so...The Old graduated pyramid style...

So, after my speed set of 225 X4 for 5 sets and 275X4 for 3 sets...I did
3X315--then 2X 325 and singles with 335 -345 -355- 360--

The ends were very long....I looked at the weight as configured...and thought...when I was a kid (13--15) I would think NO ONE would be able to bench that...of course I was wrong...but it sure is fun to surprise yourself...and lift with ease, when you're a geezer what you aspired to as a 'tyke' !

Fun, this progress, when ya never give up !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to some Heavy stuff !

Today I worked out with Nancy and Bruce and it was great to see them again...3 weeks seemed like forever ...and the side street snow isn't all gone so that parking can be easily handled...but Bruce's car and mine weathered the sleet to drive to Nancy's gym..found parking near --or IN--soot covered banks of un melted snow/ice.

I warmed up with way more empty bar today...what ? 30--50 reps...then 12 or so @ 135
then 4 @ 225--then 2 with 280 --1X 308--1X 330 and 1X350 --I found that the set up is really the important thing for me to project bar speed...if I balance high on my traps I get way more speed on my 330 and 350 singles...

Put on what is now a ridiculously loose Katana...did 440 -485 then 550--
then went to reverse bands (green, less oomph on purpose. remember?) then singles with 573 --600 and 600--

That was it for the heavy shirted stuff...then when Bruce and Nancy did reverse band sets...I joined in to get 8 or so sets of varied reps with no shirt and weight ranging to 420 with our weak bands...all in all it was a good workout...

If I do the WABDL Pasco meet in March --my next few heavy workouts should find me doing full reps with target poundages (openers and the big unfinished, official 600) in my "B" shirt... and breaking in a new Titan SUPER Katana !

I say IF, due to Pasco being a difficult trip...
(impossible right at this minute with Snoqualmie pass closed, or scary --avalance -road erosion-etc. )
I need to hitch with someone or afford a plane ticket...and those are expensive due to it being one of those small market/ supply/ demand thinguses my brain pan will be volleying ideas on this trip ...because entry deadline is February 25th...Hey, first place awards for this meet are SWORDS ! usually to get a sword you have to win best lifter...and that can be a little difficult with the high quality lifters in WABDL ... and there are NEW 4 inch Medals to be introduced this year !

Note to Vancouver PLUSA readers...there were 4 copies left of Powerlifting USA magazine at Mayfair News on Broadway just past Granville in Vancouver...pick one up before the next issue comes in...the current issue had Tee Meyers Deadlifting on the cover !

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday, only One day !

Santa put in a lot of reps lifting presents and shows a trimmer physique than he did in the Mall just 9 days ago.

With the weather and Holidays...I've missed one of my workouts each week for the last the shirt workout at Nancy's gym, was postponed due to snowed all day Saturday !!!

So early today... I walked to Target and did the pin press workout again...
( it is a clever way when no spotters are available and you want to go heavy)

then moved the pins up 2.5 inches to hole#5 and locked out,
and that was it....
this was light enough to recover from by next workout and heavy enough to keep me used to heavy raw work !

If there was ever any doubt that I start right at the chest at 4 I didn't have to arch much to touch for the start...proof that Holiday food and wine has thickened me....soon my range of motion will be that of an action figure !
He never wore a coat in the winter ....many people stopped to give him money so he could buy a coat and bundle up...secret is, he didn't like coats...but hit on a very easy way to raise money for his next bench shirt !