Monday, January 04, 2010

I Almost Quit !!

It seemed my body weight had normalized and then I stepped on the scale and DAMN !!
270 --down from 300+ and more recently a holding pattern of 277--before that a holding pattern of 283 etc..Yes, I like my trimmer look, but not training weights that used to fly up like nothing... feel suddenly overwhelming...

Yesterday my pin press suffered a 5 pound decrement--so I must now adopt what Doug Hepburn called his "B" routine --doubles and triples with lighter weights till the singles have regained their original glory...but after my workout yesterday --I thought..."What is the use of competing if I cannot lift what I used to lift?" of course people like my friend Jody Cranston would say--beat the new weight class you're in--or try to get double body weight...and I would agree with that wisdom and strategy--but it seems if I plan on beating the 275 class record--by the time the meet rolls around I will have lost down to the NEXT lower class than that--with my strength going with every pound that drops off of my 27 acre there I was pondering quitting...then today I said --lets look at the lifting I went to WABDL dot org. and looked up records in various classes--and then I looked up the age group 68-74 which I will be "old" enough for at the Worlds in November...and hmmm...look at all those challenges..I now have 4 secret goals, and a renewed interest in staying alive til 2012 --not the Mayan calendar thing...that's actually when my drivers license expires...hah and you thought it meant the end of the world....

About my weight loss?? what do you think about 10 avocados a day??

At Powerlifting watch dot com--the WABDL forum won BEST federation forum YAY !! US !!

And some other great polls have been finalized Ed Coan won best lifter of the decade and Priscilla Ribic won best female lifter of the decade ! Biggest feat in Power Andy Bolton's 1000 pound PLUS deadlift..go over to the site to read about it-

Vancouver Powerlifters--Mayfair Magazines has a lot of the latest issue of PLUSA now--what HAS been happening lately is--they get a few--sell em' all--then RE ORDER--so if you went to get you mag and they were they have too many--go buy some--it is red n green with the worlds strongest bodybuilder on the cover...


Blogger Garett said...

Never Quit,

Never Surrender,

Just set new records in other weight classes.

5:07 PM  

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