Monday, February 25, 2008

...Fall down go ...BOOM !

Yesterday, I trained heavy raw benches 315 X2
355 +385+395

Then reverse bands with the LIGHT bands (purples)
405X4 +455 +455 and that was it...

I was backing off a bit, due to......

well it went like this.....

Last Wednesday, I did my DE day bench workout and everything went I went thru the gym to get to the water dispenser, I saw a fitness trainer set up to balance his client on one of those Balls everyone in the simp gyms train on...however he rolled one back...I stepped around it...he moved a foot back I dodged it...he moved another of his feet back from his kneeling position--I tried to miss it...but somehow this dudes foot radar wanted me to tromp his reeboks...THAT obstacle tested my nimbleness to the limit and I tripped over his outstretched foot...I tripped and did what would've been a very funny cartoon 5 foot stumble...finally I decided to hit the the next alternative to trying to stay upright, would've been crashing into a loaded dumb bell rack --and over into the the 3rd story I hit the floor instead, I landed on my hip and worse, my BAD arm/shoulder.

Fitness boy was training a lady and I was just hoping no one would quip--"You really FELL for her didn't you?"
---no one did...
And yes, the landing of 300 pounds on ones arm, shoulder, elbow n' hip does bruise and hurt ...but I wasn't worried about pain..I just didn't want a hair line crack of the forearm...or something that will show up in a meet when I'm trying 600 lbs or sumpin....

I got up from the fall and made sure only 40 of the 65 people had seen my clumsiness...initially the hurt of the fall is not top of mind... the embarrassment is ...

as for the trainer...

services for him are on Thursday, spandex attire is acceptable.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

When Heavy is light !

After my light (DE) day this week --I felt more battered in the joints-tendons-shoulders than usual..
Eeek ! is it true, AGE does exist?
"I've always thought it was a myth" (and try to treat it as such.)

So today, I decided to back away from the HEAVY shirt work and do a little less--this with the idea that my next meet might be a USAPL meet on the IDES OF MARCH...I'd really like to hit the WABDL meet in Pasco the week before, BUT the winter has made Snoqualmie summit a bitch to drive over this season and I can't seem to get anyone interested enough to brave the 7-8 hour drive, if I'm USAPL-ing it instead...all I need is a 440 bench to get the new 65-69 age group American Record...
Today I used my loosest Katana and took a long set up--then a long pause and hit 440, a perfect lift easily with my first shirt lift--
then 462 perfect pause and bang up went the weight...
then we tried 474 it went really well, but Nancy thought she saw some butt lift off the bench...
so I tried 485 and yes --it seems I still lift my chest up to touch the bar...altho it was paused n' paused and went up easily, it would've been a no lift...I'm sure it is easy to fix and that today's work was good because of the long holds..pauses..and improved form however, one jar of Elmer's butt glue please...
Cheek implants anyone??
So the rest of the workout was the Raw warm ups 225X6 330X2 350X1+375X1
then reverse band lifts with 3's to 5's in reps, and weights to 507 --then some static pin presses with
440 462 496 507 felt like a huge workout WITHOUT handling the bone shattering 562 of 2 weeks ago...

Bruce had a great workout too--and Nancy hit weights in her shirt (single Phenom) that usually are PR type weights--in today's workout they were feathers...

our team celebrated at the EDGE restaurant for lunch....ummmmm Butter chicken !!
Basmati rice and Naan bread...ummmm !

Monday, February 11, 2008

Heavy workout Sunday !!

Yesterday I did heavy work at Target, pin presses for Bench Press assistance, starting with the pins at #4 (chest height)
... warming up with the bar for 30--
135 for 15 --
225 X 8--
315 for 4--
365, 385 and 395 for singles...

Then I moved the pins to #5 and did
405, 455 and 475--
no shirt of course.

I added the blue bands from the top of the cage and did 500 X 3
545X2 565, 585 and then singles with 605 for 3 sets...that really seemed to work my tri's and I felt immediately, the workout in my body...the fatigue didn't wait a day to was immediate !--next workout, speed stuff with the bands resisting the lighter bar on Wednesday !!

Don't miss the PL USA Cover blog, it's below, scroll, if you haven't seen it !

Friday, February 08, 2008

Who's a 'cover boy'? who is? atta boy, good boy !! SIT !

WOW !!
There is the New Powerlifting USA (Jan 2008) with the WABDL Worlds Report !!
and among 900 pound Bencher Tiny Meeker...and Odd Haugen 722 deadlift at 58 Years old...there I am with my 551 Bench !

What an honor to be with all of these 6 champions--but ya know what really amazes me?? Olicio Dos Santos and his 672 Deadlift at 63 --and Karen Campbell's 400 at only 188 bodyweight...and Drug Free !! I'm seriously proud to be pictured on this stellar cover.

OK --this is the high point in my career !

I guess that 'truck' can run over me now...I'm
"sat-i-fied" !!!

here is the full cover--click on this--and it will enlarge--click back to come back to 'this here' blog--I had worked heavy on Saturday and Sunday--so I did the light 'speed' work on Wednesday ! Worked lighter to "baby" both my shoulders but got in a great workout with 12 sets of 4 reps 275 lbs and 1 single with 345 and 365 each--working out Sunday maybe some shirt work at Target !!

whooo hooo the cover has got me stoked !! (altho the '65' is hard to read)
with Chinese New Year here....
does my GUNG HAY look FAT in this CHOY??

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Great attempt at 562

Today was Heavy Bench day at Nancy's gym...

I went in with 2 sore shoulders, a little tweak I did a month or so ago, has added another bum shoulder to my previously 'one and only' BAD shoulder medley--

"please lord, make my shoulder like the other one........OUCH...gee thanks Lord"

My raw warm ups of 225 X8--330X2 350X2 worried me, making me it 'sore shoulder time' OR imminent pec tear time ?

We put on my 2nd best Katana--
440 to feel the weight--
500 for one
518 for one....

then we jumped to 562 (255 KILOS)

first attempt--3 inches from touching and back up fast !
second attempt--play the movie--

Bruce shows me it was a half inch from touching--and up like a light weight !

ALLrrRRiii III GHT !!!!

I had an idea we should sell advertising space on the 'belly' you can see between my shirt and pants...but I think "Eeeeuuuh Cola" is out of business.

562 as close as I have ever gotten it ! good progress !
shoulder felt best when trying the heaviest weights..

--Then I did reverse bands nice heavy reps...4 sets up to 507 pounds--

Tomorrow, I do some more work and I'll help teach 'shirt' benching to my friend Dave !
2 heavy-ish daze in a row...
not bad for an old spud !