Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 weeks out from WABDL Nationals in Portland !

Here was the Heavy part of my workout today !

click to play Cap'n bed heads bench mania-4 singles !

In the loose Katana ( contrasting color tee shirt over top to help camera pick up touch point)
it was 495-529-540 and 580 (it was a reverse band attempt)

Nancy Hit a PR of 165 RAW weighing 147 and did 10 reps with 135 as a warm down..
Bruce lifted off brilliantly for me...then did a 30 minute marathon of reps (reverse bands)

New week we hit another shirted workout before the meet !

Today Is the BIG CPO Nationals meet in Toronto--some of my friends, Tony Tomra, Colin Bonneau and some legends like Matt Court, Clint Harwood and some great Canadians--I think the results will be out soon at Powerlifting Watch (there is a side link here) Man, I wanted to be in that one !!

The IPF Worlds Bench Press meet was just held --mens team USA won 1st after Japan was disqualified for putting 'dynamite' in their shirts after official inspection...why those rascals--that woulda really 'blew up the bar'

John Giffen Jr. from Canada competed in this one !!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thursday workout on Target !

After I write this, I may go up and do another workout, but my 'heavy' workout was Thursday this week, due to being busy with auditions and 2 jobs voicing (yay $$)

...Saturday to Thursday was a bit long to wait ...but I did the Raw Rack pin press Target Fitness on Broadway

Bar at chest, up from no pre stretch to lockout-
225 X10 315X8 365 365 then 385 385 390 395 and 400

Now raise pins one hole so the bar only travels 8 inches to top.
405X5 425X3 455 465 475 475 475--felt good,that was it for the day !

The NEW Powerlifting USA Magazine with Matt Kroczaleski on the cover is in at Mayfair magazines just past Granville (west) on Broadway, in Vancouver.
They have 6 copies grab one ! it's Powerlifting's bible ...and in Canada it costs $100.00 a year to subscribe to...hence the news stand alert.

The big CPO Nationals are just days away--some huge numbers will happen in Toronto on May 3oth--I'm hoping Tony Tomra will shine as he usually does.. Tony in 2006
Also look for a trimmed down Clint Harwood ! even Colin Bonneau will be lifting --Matt Court and some other giants will make the CPO meet a GAS !!!

Of course, it's only 3 weeks til Portland and the WABDL Nationals I know for sure Myself -Warren Orr Warren Orr
and Nancy Carpenter Nancy with Kara Bohigian
are competing in that one...

oh yeah--I made a new "Funny"animation (wrote-voiced -drew -animated) over at All Hail Thorndike Pickledish
humor me---heh heh !

Saturday, May 16, 2009


...That's what I said when my 600 went up today !

Of course, as you know that is equal to most everyone's 'one boards' but progress was made in forging ahead toward the goal in the WABDL Nationals in Portland on June 13th...

Also, we messed around with the Super Katana and Bruce was able to help me break the shirt will be used for sure for the BIG attempts I try at the 2nd string shirt (Last year's Katana) will be for my opener and 2nd attempt...

Today I lifted 440 496 551 585 and 600 in lifts that were heavy overload partials... next 2 heavy workouts will focus on form and touching an opener and a solid 2nd attempt...I think the BIG stuff in the Newer shirt are really close to ready !

Bruce and Nancy had great workouts --Nancy used a worn out Phenom and did 220 pounds at 148 bodyweight....Bruce hit some PR singles in reverse band benching--not to mention his lift offs for Nancy and Me...he lifted off the 440 496 551 585 and 600 mentioned earlier (pretty much a strict shrug)

We head back for serious work 2 weeks from now....really a short while til contest time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A HEAVY MOTHERz day workout...

Here's the correct term for what I do on heavy days when I don't use the shirt--
concentric bench presses right from the chest in the rack..

I warmed up with a buncha 135's and 225's --then 315 for 3- 365 for 2-385 395 and 400 for singles...Then I raised the pins so it was a shorter lockout...and did 405 X3 455+465+475...then with light purple bands I did 500X3 and 545.

That was enough for me...I felt tired when done..actually I don't usually let the sets get to me--but after what might be counted as 11 sets...I waddled off from the gym...

A HA !! I hadn't eaten breakfast (anything) and it was 2 pm....that was the reason I was draggin' --I went home and fired up a melange of red peppers--sliced onion, a pound or so of lean ground MOO and made it into a chili like lunch with the help of many spices and some smashed tomatoes... poorly described but quite delicious and full of PROTEIN !! Life's most powerlifting friendly substance.

Vancouver Powerlifters ! --new PLUSA is IN at Mayfair on Broadway... it has Chuck Fought on the cover with a 900 pound deadlift.

I'm all booked --hotel--airline--entry, for The WABDL Nationals in Portland just 34 days til lift off !
I hear Warren Orr will be lifting ...he's trying to set records in 3 categories...I'm betting he will make those marks easily !

Lately at "Ditillo2" here at blogspot...there have been some Classic old articles by.... Doug Hepburn
I'll Show the World ! click it

Look thru the side bars at that site to find recent stuff on Reg Park and Steve Reeves !
tremendous old strongman articles at the site with the 'iffy' (but funny) name--
'The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban'
We guess that the site is run by writer and trainer, Anthony Ditillo's son, altho there is no contact info for the's thousands of dollars worth of old stories and training programs from the beginning of "Physical Culture" it goes back to kettlebell stuff...the origins of what fitness people are NOW using as the latest training modality.

Next week I use the mighty Katana shirt for training --maybe even the Super Katana...

Here is the NEW Titan Website CLICK HERE
Home of the Katana !

The CPU Stalwart
Mike Armstrong, is behind much of the handy work on the site--it has a forum too--Mike works very hard for powerlifting. He previously had a magazine in Canada called "The Platform"

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Katana to 584 --Top end 'miss' with 595

Back after 3 weeks without the shirt...warmed up with no shirt 225 X8 308X5 330 X2 350 X1

Now, we put the Katana shirt on, no torque...440 to get used to the feeling of getting crushed..then a full lift with 495 light, with good form..then a GOOD 518 with a slow down half way up and a bombastic finish..shirt is worn out...yay I finally get to do some of the work !

Next the Partials, singles, pins to 7 holes
(our imitation board presses)
551 good lift BUT initially very heavy feeling especially on the wrists...

then to 584 --it went to the top but I wanted to lock it more..and then Bruce helped me put it back in the rack (over the posts)

...then to 595... it went up.. but stalled badly...I wanted to push it out so I auditioned my best on the TV show " America's Got GRUNT !"

Here's the 585 and 595 on a short video clip one after another..
....John Lee Hooker in the background..

Gadzooks ! the Big Portland meet is June 13th --or to really put the time frame in perspective, May 44th !!--it's May 2nd now...

I'm going to work MORE on lockouts, and more practice touching the bar in control...and Break in my new Super Katana The WABDL Nationals are 2nd only to the Worlds this's to get my mojo workin !