Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I 'Bulkius...'

As an insecure teen-I longed to be Bulky like the guys on the Muscle magazine covers...I tried light rubberband training--exercise balls-I wore a HEADBAND..and leotards---I worked on my core and ...NUTHIN !!

OH when would I become massive, and thrill the girls on the beach?? well, it wasn't happening and I started going crazy !!!

Then I did simple movements with heavy barbells--like Doug Hepburn or Reg Park did--you know key power moves 5 reps 5 sets...I upped my protein and B6/enzymes--and soon..I was on page 600 of Joseph Weakers Muscle and Fatness...altho the picture was the size of a postage stamp--it was of me benching 578.. in the too fat to be alive--small guy class..dwarf toss division !
below I pose triumphantly !!

Once I had my start... and first recognition...I went hard and heavy and simple, in my training and soon I looked like THIS (below)

Now everywhere I go--people gather and give me these admiring glances...

.....ulp.....those are 'ADMIRING' glances...aren't they ??