Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I miss my deltoids...

Bad NEWS !! I'm back from my cancer operation..and it didn't go as planned...the doctor had to abort the idea of a whipple procedure (100% cure) due to new cancer found next to the I'm stuck with recovering from an "Alternate" operation..THEN starting a new fight for the main problem after I'm back to where was before the 'cutting' began...most of all I miss my arms are ET like --my waist droops like Roger the Alien on American Dad..and my once cannonball/shotput like deltoids are like robin eggs...see above..

Here is a sketch I did of myself in the hospital...sadly it looks just like me..
The weight loss from the lack of appetite from the operation and the meds making me wanna hurl...have left me as saggy as a 100 year old testicle

Altho my prognosis isn't great for the future...and maybe Bench Pressing will fall by the wayside..I still will give it the good fight--but my record breaking hopes for the WABDL Worlds in Las Vegas are most surely down the drain..

Meanwhile from some truly great emails from Ron Moormeister, it looks like there is a NEW very close contender for the 600 lb bench press at over 60...Ron's workouts lately are astonishing and I see him being the fresh contender for this milestone...keep your eyes on USPF meets in California to see his next new numbers.

PLUSA --Ron Fernando has an iron game legends article in Powerlifting USA magazine--in the latest issue he does one of the best most concise Doug Hepburn overviews I've ever seen..if you subscribe be sure to read this great legends is accurate and inspiring...

meanwhile Bench Bozo is doing his best to hang on--

load the bar to-----'the bar'?

(45 pounds--joke)


Blogger Tony Tomra said...

Sorry that the the whipple plan didn't workout for you. Know that there will be many of us sending positive energy your way as you take all the lessons you've learned about fighting for that next five pounds and apply it to this next battle. Don't worry about the mass you've lost, could you imagine where you would be now if you were a marathoner. Thanks for the update and I'll be in touch.

8:04 AM  

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