Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well DAMN New Edit Feb 15

There is a Main page Power ARCHIVE click here with 600 pictures and contest reports since 2003--this is in effect while I recover from my surgery and will be sidelined from lifting--many lifters are featured, maybe you are among the photos- click it -unless of course, you just came from there (double link)

So the being orange...was a liver bile duct blockage caused by cancer on the pancreas ..and with weight loss of 58 pounds ( The Bench Bozo Death diet) I knew it was time to take my doctors ( I now have 5 doctors) there has been NO training for me at all for about 6 weeks now...

So IF you are used to checking this space for my workout log -or reports of getting really good old geezer bench presses of 578 or the like...or the one time 600 that the judges did not pass..or meet pictures and the like...I think that will be postponed for awhile while I recover.

I was going to state a 'tongue in cheek' BRAG that I'm so tough --I benched my 578 at 66 (June 2009- Portland) with a 1.8 cm there a Guiness book of records category for that...wait that IS too much ...I retract that 'thought bubble'

Yes, I will be having an operation March 3 rd--to grab a tumor from my Pancreas..and that IS the good news...because according to all the CT scans, Endoscopic Ultrasounds and other radioactive snapshots they have of me--I have a liver up roar caused by a Pancreas tumor that is in the OPEN to be snatched away, so in a 6 hour operation called the Whipple bozo will need be bald headed....indications are that the Whipple works 99% of the time...My doctor seems to think a guy like me should have an easy operation and a 3 month recovery. so Bozo's site will be fairly quiet til April.

Then what?--I will slowly resume training and try to hit the WABDL Worlds in November --there are lots of records to be broken...and I have lots of goals for then....then what about benchbozos very own brag a thon?? --I will occasionally come here to report any big ol thing that happens in iron sport--or let you know how I am doing this blog is not JUST about "whining"


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and Champ many times over

Mr Ron Moormeister --He lifted some incredible record breaking weight in the LA Fit expo last weekend--HE benched 4 attempts and four were for new USPF American and California State records. As planned he opened with 220kg. and blew up 230kg., 237.5kg., and 243,kg. The last three were competition PR's, and the last one was an anytime, anyplace PR.for Ron.. The three judges are noted for being very strict, and are qualified international officials... those being Steve Denison, Scott Layman, and Jim Merlino. The cool thing... He got 12 white lights... i.e. there were no questions about the quality of the lifts.
Ron also got Best lifter among the best masters in the league..YOU DA MAN RON !!!
here is his victory pic --he's the distinguished one with the medal..

RON got BIG PRESS at Powerlifting Watch dot com--but I was first to break the my loyal Bozo ites...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Work outs postponed on account of being Orange

...Not exactly orange, more like Homer Simpson yellow--yep--seems like all my complaining about something wrong in my system..finally reared it's colorful head in the form of a jaundice looking complexion...and a urine sample that nearly made my doctor 'plotz' out of concern for yeah it's now a "pancreas-liver" kind of thing...she admonished me for my abandon with wine..and not checking my blood pressure more frequently...and I said ..

"I feel great when I work out...I'll check in for tests right after this weeks HEAVY sets..."

she cut me off....

'YOU'RE NOT WORKING OUT--you're 3 seconds from being sent to a hospital..AND I don't care what You're taking blood pressure meds whether you want them or not.'

argh--so I skipped my light and heavy workouts this week...and took the meds..AND they GAVE me symptoms--yep, I take these damn things and on the 2nd day--I get stabbing pains in my left pec area that lasted all I think I'll ask her for BABY Blood Pressure meds.

I went for tests (blood again) and I gave them 8 or so test tubes of claret..and an ice tea colored urine sample...If that was someone Else's sample I'd count the guy DEAD in 2 days...

So I'm awaiting my results (again) eating only friendly foods...funny how the body works..I craved salad with red cabbage-Garbanzos and Artichoke hearts the other day--come to read up on liver de-tox and THOSE items are in the list of suggested items..your body KNOWS this stuff...

So til I know what's up with my inner giblet gravy--plus the Ol' B.P. I will follow docs orders so that I can live another day to battle gravity some time sooner than later...

Yes, I know doctors ALWAYS tell you to not over do it in the gym (or don't even lift competitively) but for once I'll humor her and stay way from the gym until the verdict is in..

BTW--I'm drug free for life (steroids and growth hormone etc.) so my traffic cone color is NOT from that poop....had to mention that..because it is the first concussion people jump to...when barbell people get sick.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I Almost Quit !!

It seemed my body weight had normalized and then I stepped on the scale and DAMN !!
270 --down from 300+ and more recently a holding pattern of 277--before that a holding pattern of 283 etc..Yes, I like my trimmer look, but not training weights that used to fly up like nothing... feel suddenly overwhelming...

Yesterday my pin press suffered a 5 pound decrement--so I must now adopt what Doug Hepburn called his "B" routine --doubles and triples with lighter weights till the singles have regained their original glory...but after my workout yesterday --I thought..."What is the use of competing if I cannot lift what I used to lift?" of course people like my friend Jody Cranston would say--beat the new weight class you're in--or try to get double body weight...and I would agree with that wisdom and strategy--but it seems if I plan on beating the 275 class record--by the time the meet rolls around I will have lost down to the NEXT lower class than that--with my strength going with every pound that drops off of my 27 acre there I was pondering quitting...then today I said --lets look at the lifting I went to WABDL dot org. and looked up records in various classes--and then I looked up the age group 68-74 which I will be "old" enough for at the Worlds in November...and hmmm...look at all those challenges..I now have 4 secret goals, and a renewed interest in staying alive til 2012 --not the Mayan calendar thing...that's actually when my drivers license expires...hah and you thought it meant the end of the world....

About my weight loss?? what do you think about 10 avocados a day??

At Powerlifting watch dot com--the WABDL forum won BEST federation forum YAY !! US !!

And some other great polls have been finalized Ed Coan won best lifter of the decade and Priscilla Ribic won best female lifter of the decade ! Biggest feat in Power Andy Bolton's 1000 pound PLUS deadlift..go over to the site to read about it-

Vancouver Powerlifters--Mayfair Magazines has a lot of the latest issue of PLUSA now--what HAS been happening lately is--they get a few--sell em' all--then RE ORDER--so if you went to get you mag and they were they have too many--go buy some--it is red n green with the worlds strongest bodybuilder on the cover...