Saturday, September 26, 2009

4 Heavy workouts left before WABDL Worlds !

Today I had a good workout BUT I didn't prove my 'self advertised' great strength today...warm ups all went well with good bar speed--the reps with 225 the singles with 286- 308- 330- 330 and 330 started to slow reduced 289 bodyweight might've been a shoulder might've been a factor--what ever it was I wasn't "on" as an energy source today--but I had to find out what my best shirt would give me now that it is so loose that the sleeves 'swim' as I on with the size 50 Katana that gave me 578 in Portland (at 306 bodyweight) we started with 440--which wouldn't touch (of course) then 2 singles with 500 then one with 520--

Then I thought, why not rig up my partial set up to the 'pins' (would do boards here, but Nancy had to man the camera)

Here is a shaky 550 partial --I did 2 more singles this way..and didn't have good luck with lockouts today--later I did do boards as did Nancy --who again, seemed to have the best 'results' day---the shirt you see here, altho loose on me now, will be my 'opener shirt' --I figure an easy 500 or so--maybe a 534 2nd attempt....

And YES -rumors are true -I FIT into a 48 A/S Katana now and that will be my record beater shirt--note that my squat belt that has been too tight for me for 5 years now fits loose too...

Ha Ha --no, I am not going on an all Pizza+ cheesecake diet to gain back all my bulk before October 28th !!--but I am on the case of upping my protein and carbs !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting the light bar going fast !

Today, I needed to stop doing so many Heavy days in a row
(both RAW and equipped)
so I went to Target Fitness for a quick workout to get as much speed on the bar as possible..
just very ballistic bench presses with light weights
225X4 for 3 sets
255X4 for 3 sets
275X4 for 2 sets
Fast singles with 315 325 335 355
Frankly--335 and 355 were not very fast-a second each but not' lightning' by any means--

Today I had a computer challenge--I had to try out a newer cheaper microphone--get my movie software registered (so the sample version wouldn't play) my computer was giving me troubles getting the switch made from my old box to my new laptop--but finally I got the stuff together and did this 15 second movie--and I made it on Benching as a test of the new here in all it's gory is my test as a little bench bozo movie..

Vancouver lifters PL USA is in at Mayfair mags on Broadway west of granville--still 7 left of the NEW one !!

art and voice done by me with --Dogwaffle -Sqirlz lite-Cool Edit Pro-Antechinus Animator and Boilsoft Converter

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes..Yes..but so very NO !!

----Hey Bozo who are you dressed up as ?
---Yeth I'm mighty THOR from all these exerthizes !!

Here I am at Target Fitness after my workout--my bodyweight loss continues and it effects the weights I want to use for my bench presses in the rack...
Today, being SORE from Wednesday I only got 315X3 365-365-370-375-380-380-then 365 for 3 more singles a 370 and a downset with 315X5

Tonite I run over to Nancy's gym to try on an ultra tight new Katana--there I may try lock outs in it to try to break it in...being 'down' to 289 (very heavy, for anyone but me) is indeed changing my training for the WABDL Worlds...and that is very close a time frame to get it all together for a big win...

My internet is down at home-so I'm wi fi-ing at the more thing...NEW PLUSA is in @ Mayfair on Broadway...Sept issue, there are 7 left--- and 2 left of the Popular August issue...this of course is a note for Vancouver BC powerlifters who find the $100.00 a year in Canada rates too high, it's a Post Office deal not the publisher of Powerlifting USA's fault.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Showing Off !

The sketch I did for my web page some years ago--used ZBrush to model the character from Zspheres- click to see it LARGE size.

We had a great heavy workout yesterday--and for once it wasn't just me trying to see how much I could get in a real Bench Press OR a plus Max partial...we returned to boards, which Bruce made for us years ago...and we'll keep boards in our program clear up to the WABDL Worlds in Reno ...after failing my 600 (Olympia) Right at the last 2 to 4 inches...I need to drastically work the Triceps and be honest, the person showing the most progress in yesterday's session was Nancy...she was hitting REPS raw --with what she used to do in a shirt for singles...Bruce also got some pretty heavy lifts in...and I seemed to be fairly strong in my shirtless warm ups but my first work with boards was very clumsy...

my workout was something like--135 for 20-- 225X 8--286X4 --308X2 --330 X1 350X2 --then 2 boards with 290 for 6 X 2 sets --330X5 X 2 sets...

then in the very loose Katana (used to get my 529 in OLY ) I did 2 boards with 440 X 3 reps 2 sets..then 3 reps with 460 at 2 boards....then a 500 bench press --then back to 2 boards for 2 reps--then to a 1 board for 529 for 2 singles...

then we did reverse bands for the fun of it..we plan to do shirt and board and band work extensively in the weeks before the meet (Oct 28 for me-29 for Nancy)--

I have doubts about my lifting coming seems with the weight loss that my
'mysterioso' illness has wrought...I might not be up to the BIG weights I want...then there is always the my recent 600 video it's evident that my right arm didn't keep up with my even with these doubts..I'm plotting things to correct it all--and will forge ahead with as much confidence as I can, when the facts indicate..that Mister Bozo,here, will be at some disadvantage at meet time...I already am trying to force more arch in my set up...and I am going to use a smaller shirt in Reno to go along with my lighter body--I may weigh in at 288 and not 308--as you know in benching, bodyweight has a lot to do with high numbers.

Anyway--between the workouts at Nancy's gym and at Target Fitness (light/speed lifts) I'm stepping up my enthusiasm and number of sessions to 'fix' the problem !
in 2 weeks I'll do a 'dress rehearsal' for the heavy attempts see if the plan is working !

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Reclaiming my pin Press !

Robo not only got a best lifter sword and 2 golds in Olympia--but he won best "Miss Piggy Ankles"

As I stay on the same program so long and I lose weight --my RAW chest height pin press has, as hinted, in the last workout log I'm going to use the Old tried and True Doug Hepburn template to get it back from 395 to 405 I set the bench up at Target Fitness in Vancouver in the squat rack--put the bar on the pins and warmed up with 135X12 225X 8 315X4 365X2 and then chose 385 and my poundage, trying to get one more set ( a single rep) from last time--and with some room to spare I hit 4 singles with 385 and next time in will try for 5...

Next Saturday I'm back to shirt work with Nancy and Bruce...I'm going to actually use my 'meet' shirt to break into 600 in the gym before October's WABDL Worlds !
People complain about not getting the shirt on properly ....HAH...I lift best when my shirt is on 'right side wrong' I plan to actually USE board presses (like everyone ) to get my last few inches stronger in competition..looks like it is MANDATORY for progress !

KUDOS !!! Jody Cranston IS athlete of the week in the Vancouver SUN Newspaper Sept 5 edition !! nice write up of him, and his big numbers at Olympia !
scroll down a coupla stories to see the write up...